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4 Small Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Leave You Feeling Fresh All Day

Stressed, but always fresh.
July 31, 2017
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There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to tick an item off your long-term bucket list, whether it’s traveling to a country for the first time or getting that dream job. But hustling day in and day out can take its toll on you, making you look haggard and feeling less than fresh. When chasing your dreams starts to get tiring, it might be time to give yourself a little extra TLC. These easy tweaks should help you get your groove back:

1. Groom your kilay
Properly groomed eyebrows frame the face beautifully, completing your look. Have your brows threaded or waxed by a pro, and keep them in shape by tweezing or shaving them regularly. It’s a seemingly tiny thing that makes a huge difference.

2. Get enough sleep
Remember how we hated taking naps when we were kids? These days, every second of shut-eye is sacred. Turn off your gadgets and give yourself time to unwind at night so you’ll sleep better and feel 100% rejuvenated in the morning.

3. Freshen up your breath
Heading straight to a hot date after having shawarma for merienda? Make sure you won’t miss out on that good night kiss by keeping a toothbrush set in the office and having mints in your bag. You never know when you’ll need them! ;)

4. Care down there
When you don't feel fresh down there, you’ll feel uneasy all day. Make sure to use the right feminine products for you, like CAREFREE® pantyliners. It’s a simple extra step that makes a huge difference in your day, giving you the confidence boost you need.

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