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4 Ways Shaving Can Damage Your Underarms

You're actually shaving off a layer of skin!
March 24, 2020
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Everyone wants smooth and flawless underarms, but really, where do we even start? When it comes to dealing with unwanted body hair, many women resort to shaving because of its convenience and affordability. But shaving your underarms can lead to a variety of skin-related issues, some of which you've probably already encountered:

1. It can make your underarms itch like crazy.

Every time you shave your pits, the unwanted hair is removed at the skin surface but never deep enough to actually reach the roots. When the hair begins to grow back, the skin can get irritated, causing it to look red and feel itchy. Sure, you can scratch yourself for temporary relief, but doing so can easily lead to small tears in your skin. Ouch!

2. It can cause razor burn. 

Most women want a close shave believing that it will give them pits that look smooth and flawless. But pressing the blade harder doesn't really cut deeper. In fact, this could result in skin that looks inflamed or swollen because you're basically scraping off a layer of your skin! Exerting too much force when shaving can twist and pull the hair follicles, making your armpits tender to the touch. Walking around with a razor burn can be painful and irritating, and it can even lead to a full-blown rash if you use a harsh deo. 

3. It can lead to ingrown hairs. 

Sometimes, shaving your unwanted armpit hair can make the strands grow back into the skin instead of straight out. When this happens, your body begins to treat it as an intruder. The result? Redness and irritation. It can even lead to nasty pimples or pustules.

4. It can darken your underarms.  

If you rely solely on shaving to get rid of unwanted body hair, you may find yourself turning to a razor frequently because its results are often short-lived. When done often, however, the friction between your skin and the blade can cause the skin in your underarms to darken. Given that your pits already get exposed to friction literally all the time, you can imagine how frequent shaving can make the pigmentation worse.

For all its convenience, shaving can get really tricky. But if it’s your go-to hair removal method, it’s easier to manage the side effects with good skincare products. For starters, it helps to use a deodorant that aids in soothing the skin, like Dove Original Deodorant. With regular use, this nourishing product helps leave the underarm skin feeling soft and smooth even after hair removal.

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