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4 Ways Your Desk Job is Ruining Your Skin

And you thought you are protected by working indoors.
March 10, 2017
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You love your office job. You’ve got cool officemates and you save up enough to hit the beach on long weekends. But your skin hasn’t been happy and you’re wondering what’s up. Could your work be the cause? We’ve rounded up a few suspects that might be damaging your skin. 

Culprit #1: Too much coffee

A few cups of coffee can get you through the day, but when deadlines loom and you begin guzzling down the java like there's no tomorrow, your skin can dry out as well. In an article on Daily Mail, Skincare specialist Dr. Anita Sturnham explained that coffee is a diuretic. It “draws water out of our cells, this can leave you with dull and lifeless looking skin.” For days when you can’t skip the joe, make sure you slather on a deep moisturizer like like Vaseline Deep Restore Total Moisture. It gives you 24 hours of nourishment, resulting in soft, supple, and radiant looking skin.

Culprit #2: Your phone or keyboard

If your phone or keyboard isn’t regularly cleaned with antibacterial wipes, bacteria can definitely make their way to your face. This is why pressing the phone to your cheek while talking, or touching your face after typing away can cause blemishes. So keep your gadgets clean and your skin happy!   

Culprit #3: Pollution

More specifically, indoor pollution. According to Bloomberg Business, the air inside a commercial building can actually be more polluted than outside air. In addition to possibly causing several health problems, indoor pollution can also cause ageing and inflammation.  

Culprit #4: Air-conditioning

Being inside an air-conditioned room all day can severely dry out your skin. Your lips will also begin to peel and crack. Besides making sure your face and body are protected by a moisturizer that goes deep into your skin, come to work armed with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to hydrate your lips as often as you need. It locks in the moisture, protecting your puckers from dehydration.

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