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5 Beauty Basics Every Twentysomething Should Have On Her Bucket List

We're rounding up the five beauty basics every girl needs to do.
September 08, 2017
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Eyebrow microblading, pastel hair, holographic nails, and silicone makeup sponges—there are a ton of beauty trends that we've mentally bookmarked in hopes of trying them out in the future. While it's exciting to experience firsthand the latest beauty fads, products, and techniques, remember that there are a few basic but important routines every girl should adhere to.

Create your easy, everyday makeup look.

Girls who need to wear makeup on the job or simply enjoy putting it on every day need to master this one thing: a signature, go-to look that will save you from having to experiment with different shades and techniques, especially when you're rushing out the door. It doesn't even have to be a full face: a bit of concealer, your favorite lippie, a swab of highlight, or just one of the three will do—if it makes you feel confident, go for it!

Experiment with a completely different hairstyle.

Whether it's a bold hair color or a short, edgy cut, there's no better time than your 20s to try out a new 'do. Dyes can be darkened and your strands will eventually grow out, so there's no reason not to go for your hair goals. Getting a hair makeover can be about finding a new look that fits you or just simply seeing yourself in a new way.

Choose a signature scent.

A signature scent doesn't mean using the same one for any and every occasion—it's about finding one fragrance that you'll use for a long time and people will remember you by. Besides, nothing brings back memories and emotions as vividly as scent does. Choose one that doesn't just smell good, but also reflects a bit of who you are. Finding a good signature scent you can stick with for years can take a lot of trial and error, but for a beauty-obsessed girl, that's all part of the fun.

Find your trusted dermatologist.

No matter how much you read up on anything and everything beauty, there's still a lot to be said about consulting a professional. From getting a potentially serious rash checked to zapping a zit before a big event, you'll be glad to have a pro to rely on in case of beauty emergencies.

Invest in a beauty procedure with long-term results.

Let's face it: The older we get, the more maintenance our skin needs. Our routine will upgrade to include the prescription of anti-aging creams and concentrated serums—and the same upgrade goes for treatments. When you're looking to invest in a beauty solution, the best option would be Ultherapy®. The quick and non-invasive procedure uses ultrasound to jump-start the production of fresh, new collagen that will lift and tighten skin on the brow, under the chin, and in the neck and chest. The U.S. FDA-approved procedure ensures natural-looking and long-lasting results. Find an authentic Ultherapy® clinic you can visit here.

Beauty girls know that whether it's for a small (like a temporary addition to your makeup routine) or big beauty investment, commitment is the key. So, take the plunge and grab every chance to go for your beauty goals.

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