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5 Facial Treatments You And Your Sister Can Gift Each Other Just In Time For The Holidays

Level up your time for chismis and kwentuhan and get a major glow up at the same time.
November 27, 2018
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For the sister who’s always with you every step of the way—heartbreaks, career advancements, ups, downs, and beyond—only the best Christmas present will do. Consider some quality bonding session with the sis that will leave you both rosy and radiant throughout the holiday season with facial treatments from Glow Skin Clinic at Uptown Mall. This skincare haven can help you and your sis achieve your dream complexions through its wide array of skin-boosting services. Apart from that, they get plus points for major Instagram cred for their millennial-friendly interiors, too—you won’t even feel like you’re in a clinic.

If you're wondering what it's like to book a facial treatment at Glow Skin Clinic, here’s what you can expect:

Not sure which treatment to get? Don't worry, one of their specialists can help narrow down your options after a quick consult. For your next bonding sesh with your sis, book each other the perfect treatment to achieve a fresh holiday glow:

1. Clogged pores and occasional breakouts

Solution: Signature Facial

Price: P2,500 for one session; P1,850 per session for a package of five

Are you or your sister suffering from pesky zits and blackheads? Think back to the last time you crashed into your bed without removing your makeup, or those days you hit the gym with full-coverage foundation, mascara, blush, the works—yep, poor face cleansing practices (or the lack of it) are certainly to blame. Being more meticulous about cleansing aside, consider Glow Skin Clinic’s Signature Facial, which helps unclog deep-seated dirt in your pores and remove dead skin cells through an eight-step method that will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed.

2. Dull skin and dark spots

Solution: Jet Light Facial

Price: P4,000 for one session; P3,000 per session for a package of five

Clear, glowing skin is the best blank canvas there is—achieve that and you can get away with leaving the house without makeup. But if the constant gloom around your features makes you look pale, lifeless, and far from your idea of luminous, count on the Jet Light Facial to get the job done. Using a powerful combination of water dermabrasion and LED light treatment, this facial exfoliates the dead, dull layer of skin through strong water jets, before targeting acne marks, pigmentation, and dark spots with a light treatment. Did the sun decide to go out for a walk? Nope, it’s just you.

3. Puffiness and facial swelling

Solution: Contour Facial by Pollogen Legend

Price: P4,000 for one session; P3,000 per session for a package of five

Scoring the perfect selfie is tough when you feel like you’re working with a non-existent jawline—unless you employ some mad filtering and editing skills, of course. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible when it comes to family pictures and candid party shots that you have zero control over. Thankfully, your days of cringing over your bloated faces could be over, with Glow Skin Clinic’s Contour Facial. This non-invasive RF treatment targets flabby skin and rounded features to give your face a sculpted and toned look. Chubby cheeks, be gone!

4. Dry and dehydrated skin

Solution: HydraFacial Delight

Price: P4,500 for one session, P3,500 per session for a package of five

Two skin issues people tend to confuse, dry skin lacks oil and requires moisture, while dehydrated skin suffers from water loss and should be rehydrated. Essentially, skin needs to be both hydrated and moisturized to remain in tip-top condition. While applying thick creams and occlusives that lock in moisture combats dry skin, dehydrated skin needs more attention. Enter the HydraFacial Delight, a deeply nourishing facial that soaks skin in a cocktail of serums to deliver intense hydration. For supple skin that positively glows, this one’s your best bet.

5. Aging skin and all that come with it

Solution: Air Light Facial by BT Accent Air

Price: P4,500 for one session, P3,500 per session for a package of five

Ever wonder how those Korean actresses in the dramas you and your sister love to binge-watch maintain such beautiful glowing skin? They’re probably perennially a speed-dial away from a luxurious facial at their favorite clinic, a habit you and your sis might need to form as the two of you grow older. If you’re starting to see signs of aging (think moisture loss, thin and transparent skin, and *gasp* the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles), book Glow Skin Clinic’s Air Light Facial, stat. It’s an oxygen-based facial that results in the skin that looks plump, hydrated, and nourished—like what you swore you had as a teenager.

Ready to look your holiday best with the sis? Glow Skin Clinic offers 12 non-invasive facial treatments that target different skin concerns common among millennials. Other treatments to help reveal a natural-looking glow include The Madonna Glow by Oxylight, Crystal Carbon Peel by Alma Q, Lift Off by Sygmalift, and Freshen Up Facial by OxyGeneo+. Their newest addition, the Time Reset by Thermage, is an anti-aging procedure that applies heat on the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production to help reveal tighter- and plumper-looking skin.

Glow Skin Clinic is located at the second floor of Uptown Mall, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City. Visit and follow Uptown Bonifacio on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out more.

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