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5 Genius Body Wash Hacks You Should Try ASAP

Time to declutter your shower caddy, CGs—it looks like body wash is all you'll ever need!
March 02, 2017
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There’s really nothing quite like emerging from the shower, feeling oh-so-fresh with skin all soft and smooth. But the fun doesn't have to stop the moment you step out of the bathroom: your favorite Dove Body Wash can do loads more besides cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Curious? Here's how to make the most out of it:

As a shaving cream
Need to shave at the last minute and ran out of shaving cream? Your body wash can step in as a substitute. No worries about getting a smooth close shave: it doesn’t take much to work up enough foam. Just lather up with one drop, and you're good to go!

As a massage cream
If your tired muscles are in dire need of some pampering, a hot shower is a good alternative to a massage. Your body wash will work well as a massage cream too, letting your fingers glide smoothly along your skin. Move your hands in circular motions, and don’t forget to zero in on wherever there’s cellulite: massaging those areas would help increase blood circulation, making the dimples less noticeable.

As a bubble bath solution
If your idea of heaven is soaking in a tub brimming with fragrant, bouncy bubbles, your body wash can substitute for your favorite pricey bath bomb in a pinch. You'll only need to squeeze out some of the body wash for enough foam, but if you want major bubble action, feel free to pour as much solution into your water-filled bathtub as you'd like!

As a body exfoliator
Pour your body wash into a container, add some raw brown sugar, and you now have an instant body scrub! If the granules prove to be too rough on your skin, fix the mixture by adding a bit of coconut oil. You'll have smooth, glowing skin in no time!

As a perfume base
Experts suggest layering scents to make your perfume last longer. If you want to make the most out of your fragrance, you should start your perfume ritual in the shower, specifically with your body wash. The warm vanilla and shea butter scent of your Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Body Wash will give you a soothing sensory experience in the shower. Just one drop of Dove Body Wash onto a loofah or cleansing puff will give you a rich, heavenly lather, which you can use to pamper your skin. And because moisture is key to a scent’s longevity on the skin, Dove’s NutriumMoisture technology, which helps keep your skin hydrated, would serve to intensify the fragrance and make it last longer.

Always remember the three keywords when you take a shower—pour, puff, and pamper—and you'll be smelling and feeling good all day long!

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