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Amazing 5-Minute Beauty Shortcuts You Can Make With This P100 Skincare Product

Definitely adding this to the beauty routine.
December 28, 2018
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A definite OG that most likely resides in your kikay kit is good ol' petroleum jelly. We're pretty sure you're already up to speed on its basic uses: It softens chapped lips and serves as a go-to for dry, flaky skin. While your pot of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly may not be the first thing you'll turn to when you're in a pinch, it can actually help you in ways you didn't think possible. Below, a few more things you can do with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that you def need to try:

1. Create your own exfoliating tinted lip balm.

Since Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can help relieve chapped lips, why not take it a step higher? Make a tinted lip scrub by mixing two parts sugar, one part Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and one part olive oil. When you get the consistency you like, add a small piece of your favorite lippie to give the scrub a faint tint. You'll scrub away all your flaky skin while transferring a subtle hint of color to the lips at the same time.

2. Extend the smell of your scents.

Dab a little Vaseline Petroleum Jelly onto your pulse points before spritzing on your favorite cologne to prolong the smell of your scents. This way, you're sure to smell great for a longer period of time without having to worry about a retouch in the middle of a fancy dinner or a night in the club.

3. Use it as clear brow mascara.

If your brows are unruly, use a spooly to run a small amount petroleum jelly through them to instantly groom those arches. Not only will it tame them to perfection, but it will also smoothen and condition your eyebrows so they'll look thick and full.

4. Make that manicure look so much better.

Painting your nails can be tricky, especially when you have to use your non-dominant hand. Line your cuticles with small amounts of petroleum jelly before applying your nail polish. This will help make sure the color doesn't bleed onto your skin, and it also makes it way easier to clean up if ever you make any mistakes.

5. Use it to fix makeup blunders.

If you've accidentally smudged your cat-eye, clean up the edge using petroleum jelly. Just take a small amount of it on a Q-tip and wipe off any makeup mistakes you've made. You can even use it as a moisturizing makeup remover at the end of the day. Just swipe a bit over your eyes and face, and gently wipe away before washing up with your usual cleanser.

Convinced yet? While Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is an oldie, it's definitely still a goodie, and because it has so many uses, it totally deserves a spot in your work bag, gym bag, on your bedside table, and your office cubicle.

To learn more, follow Vaseline on Facebook and shop their products on Lazada.

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