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5 Surprising Reasons Why You Keep Getting Spots on Your Face

First of all, stop picking on them so much!
June 27, 2018
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Acne has always been the bane of any woman's existence. When was the last time a pimple put a damper on your day? Whatever the situation—grad pictorial, first date, job interview—a pimple always seems to pop up at a bad time.

Here's the thing: Our surroundings can trigger our skin to bring out these pesky spots. Pollution and other environmental stressors can clog up pores and make a pimple appear faster than you can count to 10. Other times, the causes are within your control. See if you're guilty of doing any of these beauty no-nos (also known as the probable causes of your breakouts):

1. You don't clean your makeup brushes.

A makeup brush can collect old makeup, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells upon contact with your face. When they're not in use, they're stored in makeup bags or placed on bathroom counters that aren't the cleanest storage areas. Before you apply any makeup on, wash your makeup brushes under lukewarm water and lather them in shampoo. Wring out the excess water and lay them over a clean cloth or towel to air dry. Do this every week.

2. Your mobile phone is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Sweat, makeup, food, and bacteria from your own hands are some of the things that can linger on the surface of your phone, and this doesn't even include germs from all the places we bring it to (do we really need to mention the bathroom?). The moisture and warmth generated by talking into our phones create a conducive environment for bacteria to breed. When your face touches your phone screen and your pores can't breathe, friction is created, and this irritates your skin, potentially causing it to develop bumps and pimples. Avoid acne mechanica by regularly disinfecting your phone with an antibacterial wipe or deep clean with a cotton ball doused in alcohol to reach the areas the wipe didn't reach.

3. Your makeout partner has a beard or stubble.

While you're getting hot and heavy, your face rubs against his facial hair, which creates friction and triggers oil production on your skin. Add to that the bacteria on his beard or stubble that is transferred to your face, and it's a potential recipe for a breakout. If you've been together for a while, tell him to use coconut oil on his beard as a conditioner to make your next makeout session frictionless—and more enjoyable.

4. You're not reading skincare product labels. 

Sometimes, your pores get clogged by the very products you're using on your skin. Become a more conscious consumer by remembering this one simple word in your next skincare purchase: non-comedogenic. If you see it on the product label, that means the product is formulated to not clog your pores. Moreover, avoid products that contain thick and heavy moisturizing ingredients like mineral oil and silicone as these won't help keep your pores clean and free from dirt.

5. You can't remember the last time you washed your bedding.

As you sleep, your pillowcases absorb the dirt and oil on your skin, especially your makeup (if you're the tamad type who doesn't wipe it off at the end of the day). In the same way, whatever bacteria is on your linen is transferred back to your face and irritates your skin. Take your bedding to the laundry every week to keep your skin from acne-causing bacteria.

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