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5 Ways You're Washing Your Face The Wrong Way

Stop ruining your skin!
March 30, 2017
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Washing your face every night before you go to bed may seem like second nature, but are you actually doing it right? We list down a few ways your regular routine is harming your skin!

1. You use the wrong water temperature.
Hot water can dry your face out, while cold water won't remove the day's accumulated dirt and grime completely. Our tip: Use warm water instead. It unclogs pores, but still keeps your face hydrated.

2. You exfoliate too much.
It might be tempting to use that yummy-smelling scrub every day, but exfoliating too often can lead to dryness and skin irritation. Limit exfoliation to once or twice week to maintain a moisturized and supple complexion.

3. You don't rinse well enough.
How thorough are you when it comes to face washing? If you're like most busy women out there, you're probably not rinsing enough. Spend a minute longer than usual when you wash your face tonight, and your skin will thank you for it.

4. You rub your face with a towel.
News flash: Rubbing your face with a towel can cause your skin to lose elasticity! Pat your face dry instead to avoid premature sagging.

5. You use the wrong facial wash.
If you start getting pimples or if your skin feels tighter after cleansing with your current facial wash, it could mean that you're using the wrong product. Switch to a facial wash that will thoroughly cleanse your skin and keep it moisturized.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash helps keep your complexion in tip-top shape by unclogging your pores and freshening up your skin in an instant. It's also gentle, so you don't have to worry about dryness or irritation. This is your face, after all—you can't be too careful!

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