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6 Signs It's Time To See A Derma

There are some things that you should leave to the pros.
November 04, 2016
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While most skin issues can be addressed by over-the-counter beauty products, there are those that require expert attention. Below, six of the many reasons why you need to visit your derma, stat:

1. You have cystic acne.

You know that big, painful zits that just won't rise up to the surface? It’s called cystic acne. Trying to get rid of it on your own could only lead to scarring or infection, so it's best to just let the pros handle it.

2. You notice changes in your moles.

Moles that are itchy, bleeding, or changing in size, shape, color, or texture could mean something serious. Have them checked right away.

3. Your skin is extra dry.

Scalding hot showers, change in the weather, moisture-robbing soaps—these are just some of the culprits behind dry skin. Moisturizers and lotions often do the trick, but if you’re still left with dry and flaky skin, consult the skin experts, stat.

4. You have acne marks and acne scars.

Yes, those are two different things. Acne marks refer to the red or brown spots that usually fade away after 3-6 months, while acne scars are those little indents on the face left behind by pimples. Both can ruin your skin’s appearance and texture. Consult with your derma to find the best medical treatment for these.

5. You have milia.

Do you have whitehead-like bumps on your face that refuse to go away despite your best efforts? They’re called milia. They’re caused by various factors like thick and heavy face creams, dead skin cells, and even high cholesterol. Only facial experts can extract them without the risk of infecting or inflaming your skin.

6. You want to give your skin some real TLC.

Whether you have skin problems that need addressing or you just want to be pampered, a regular visit to your derma is a must. Your skin is your biggest accessory, after all! Better start taking care of it as early as now.

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