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7 Things Girls Stress About That Guys Just Don’t Get

It’s tough being a girl.
September 09, 2016
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It's an understatement to say that it's hard to be a girl. Here are the seven things that stress us out every single time:

1. "No makeup" makeup isn't as simple as you think.

We need at least 15 minutes in the morning to put on our CC cream, perfect our brows, and decide which shade of lip stain to go with our mood. (Do you know how many shades of pink-nude lipsticks there are?!) And when our skin isn't cooperating? STRESS! What in the world are we doing wrong?

2. Nailing the model off-duty look is ~*really*~ not that easy.

Yes, it's Saturday and we're only grabbing brunch in our usual coffee spot in Salcedo. The distressed jeans, the white tank top, and Air Max is all part of the plan. Everything is intentional.

3. Our tresses aren't exactly tame all the time.

Our hair literally only looks good before we step in the shower to wash it. On most days, we only have two choices: bunch all of our hair in a top knot or spritz on some dry shampoo to hide oily roots. The struggle is real, people!

4. We can't just zap our zits!

Zits don't disappear overnight. THEY JUST DON'T. Sometimes, even if we drown our face with sheet masks and dozens of dabs of our special face cream, we're still haunted by blemishes. It's SO stressful to deal with them, and it's SO ironic that stress might be causing them in the first place. UGH!

5. Finding the perfect perfume takes time.

But once we do find the one, there's not a day that goes by that we don't spray it on! Who doesn't love being mabango, especially when you're going to talk to your office crush that day.

6. We still feel ~*ugly*~ sometimes.

Especially when PMS hits us hard and you realize you don't look as amazing as you thought you would in your new little black dress. Or those days when we realize how other girls our age look like they're in their most gorgeous self while we're here dealing with breakouts or dull skin and thinking we look 35 when we're really just 25. Totally not crying right now.

7. We take our beauty investments and supplements seriously.

We live for paydays when we get to splurge on skincare and makeup. We love beauty sleep, skin food, and everything else that will keep our beauty problems at bay. That includes picking a multivitamin that has the nutrients we need for great skin that helps pull together our look. This is what we love about Stresstabs as our daily supplement. It has vitamins B complex, C, and E plus iron that help keep the effects of stress at bay—with proper diet, rest, and exercise, of course! It's a busy career woman's must-have you need to try!


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