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7 Times Your Dark Underarms Ruined Your Day

Aka the 7 most embarrassing moments of your #lyf!
November 23, 2015
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1. When you fell in the MRT because you couldn't hold onto the overhead hand rails.

So the MRT was packed (what's new?), and you had no choice but to stand up. You also happen to have absolutely no sense of balance, so when the train stopped, you expectedly fell to the floor. Oh well, better than showing the world your dark underarms… right?

2. When you couldn't fully commit to your workout.

Little Mix was playing in the background and you were super in the zone, but then the class instructor suddenly raised her arms up and reached for the sky. While everyone else in your group class followed suit, you stood there with your arms half-raised and your eyes down to the ground. #awkward 

3. When you had to keep your hair down despite the super hot weather.

You were itching to put your hair up kasi ang init talaga, but then you realized that you needed to raise your arms for like 10 seconds in order to do that… Okay never mind I'll just sweat it out.

4. When you had to hold in your excitement.

At the concert of your favorite band? Saw your ultimate celebrity crush at the mall? Ran into your childhood friend that you hadn't seen in forever? All these serendipitous events were totally ruined for you because you had to make a conscious effort to keep your arms pinned to your sides. #maybenexttime

If only your underarms were as perfect as Jodi's!

5. When you couldn't fully relax at the spa.

You knew full well that the masseuse didn't really care about your pits, but you couldn't help but be dyahe because another human being other than yourself could see how gross they looked. I mean, how can you have a relaxing massage when you KNOW that she knows your secret???

6. When your whole outfit was ruined because you had to wear a jacket over it.

The trendy dress you bought for your hot date was absolutely perfect—it hugged you in all the right places and went perfectly with your heels. But you couldn't leave your underarms exposed, so you opted to wear a jacket. Not only were your curves hidden from your guy, but the jacket totally ruined the whole look you were going for. *sigh*

7. When your braso looked fat in a photo.

You didn't want your dark underarms to be immortalized in a photo, so you kept your arms down the whole time and squished them to your sides. Not only did you look stiff, but your braso might as well have been the focal point of the whole image. Sayang yung curves mo, girl!

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