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Dealing With Maskne? Add These Two Steps To Your Routine

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October 02, 2020
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If you didn't struggle much with acne before, you might be wondering why you're suddenly dealing with pimples more frequently these days. We could blame the stress over the pandemic as the cause of your breakouts, but there might be another culprit to blame—your protective face mask! 

Don’t get us wrong. We understand the importance of wearing a face mask, not only for your safety but for others as well. But here's the thing: Your protective gear can trap dirt and bacteria that can cause pimples when left unchecked. And that's not to mention the sweat and moisture inside your mask that can lead to skin irritation, especially when it's super humid outside. 

Tweak your daily habits to solve this issue: First, you must wash your face mask right after you use it, or chuck your disposable ones after several hours of use. Then, boost your skincare routine and add these new recommendations: Silka Green Papaya Soap and Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser. Here’s how you can incorporate these products into your routine in two simple steps.

Wash your face twice a day.

Make a habit of washing your face with the Silka Green Papaya Soap every morning and before going to bed to get rid of dirt and acne-causing bacteria. This gentle soap contains papaya enzymes, which help buff off dead skin cells, and VitaRich Actives, which aid in strengthening the skin barrier while boosting hydration with daily use. This bar soap will leave your complexion looking clear and visibly brighter within seven days without that stinging feeling (as in it's not mahapdi!). When used regularly, your skin will look radiant and youthful. Plus, you'll love its fresh and fruity fragrance, too. It's not the no. 1 beauty soap brand for nothing!

Swipe on cleanser after washing your face.

Most of the time, washing your face isn’t enough to ensure that it’s clean. To prep your skin for bedtime, it helps to double cleanse with a good facial cleanser. For best results, you can also add this step to your morning routine, just before you put on makeup.

A few drops of the Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser on a piece of cotton can help get rid of deep-seated dirt and makeup residue. With regular use, this mild cleanser will help even out acne scars and dark spots, thanks to Green Papaya extract and Vitamin B3. Its pH-balanced formula also complements the skin’s natural pH level, making it suitable for everyday application. We also love how it doesn’t leave the face with a sticky feel!

Try Silka Green Papaya Soap and Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser and see the results yourself. Shop them via Lazada or Shopee, and learn more when you follow Silka on Facebook and Instagram.


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