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Are Your Clothes Making Your Singit Dark?

Dyahe, girl!
August 12, 2016
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A dark groin or singit can be one of your biggest beauty dilemmas—but you won't openly admit that, of course. This problem not only makes it hard to wear certain outfits, it also limits your movement and takes a hit on your self-esteem. Obesity, hormonal imbalance, sun exposure, and diabetes are some of the most common causes, but do you know that even the clothes you wear can be a factor? Yup, we are talking about your favorite skirts, shorts, and jeans! However, it's tight undies that can be the biggest culprit.

The skin around your groin is thinner and more sensitive compared to the rest of your body. Thus, even minor friction from your panties can cause abrasion, which could lead to permanent discoloration. An article published in Discuss Health explains:

"When you [are] wear[ing] tight underwear all the time, the groin area becomes irritated and may form patches. Such patches will start red but will eventually turn into darker or black [color]."

Yikes! Aside from ill-fitting panties, underwear made from synthetic fibers, such as nylon and spandex, could also bring bad news. These materials trap moisture and heat that promote bacterial growth, causing skin irritation.

The Fix?

To save yourself from this headache, trade your nylon underwear for cotton ones, and start going to bed sans undies! It won't make your vagina dirty, as people would assume—it will actually let it breathe. During the day, you can also apply a swipe of petroleum jelly on your inner thighs whenever you wear a skirt, as added protection against friction near the groin area.

But when it comes to dealing with dark singit, start addressing the problem by using Priva Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash. It has glutathione, which whitens the bikini area in as early as two weeks, and collagen, which helps improve skin smoothness, based on clinical studies.

This Cosmo Beauty Awards winner for Best Feminine Wash is surely a must-have for all girls who are too fly to have dark secrets (*wink*).

Priva Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash is available in 60mL (Php 69.00) and 150mL (Php 149.00) bottles in all leading supermarkets and beauty stores nationwide.

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