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PSA: This New Skincare ~*Innovation*~ Will Help You Get Even Complexion All Over

Here's how to include it in your skincare routine.
November 25, 2020
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There are several possible culprits behind dark spots: Sun damage, acne, or even just plain old hyperpigmentation. And while they might make you feel insecure about your skin, keep in mind that they’re not really uncommon, they happen to everyone, and how you deal with them is entirely up to you. 

That said, beauty is all about choice. There's no one rule or standard that all women should follow. Accepting uneven complexion and dark spots or doing something about them is totally your call and yours alone. Your body, your rules!

This is why we’re glad to see many brands and products that help us pursue the kind of beauty that we want. And when it comes to evening out dark spots, we found a new skincare innovation that can help you get that ~pantay~ glow all over: Zero Pigment Light. Check out why it’s worth trying below:

It uses the brightening properties of kojic acid. 

Zero Pigment Light is a skincare innovation that harnesses the brightening benefits of kojic acid. As you likely know, kojic acid is a popular beauty ingredient that helps get rid of dark spots and acne scars, given regular use. 

It specifically targets dark spots.

How exactly does the Zero Pigment Light formula improve the benefits of kojic acid? This unique formula ensures that active ingredients are absorbed and activated where they’re needed the most. In addition to dark spots and acne scars, it also zeroes in on melasma and hyperpigmentation. The result: Even complexion all over!

It’s so easy to include in your skincare routine. 

You can reap the benefits of this skincare innovation when you use the new Kojiesan Skin Lightening Classic Soap. Now with Zero Pigment Light, the iconic kojic acid soap can help fade dark spots and even out your skin tone with daily use.

But if your skin is on the drier side and requires extra TLC, you can enjoy the same brightening benefits with the new Kojiesan Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap. With Kojiesan’s new HydroMoist formula, this variant offers both the hydrating and moisturizing properties of humectants and occlusives. Simply put, HydroMoist helps the skin *produce* the moisture it needs as it reinforces the skin barrier to lock in moisture. The result: Even complexion that feels soft and supple!

See the results yourself when you shop the Kojiesan Skin Lightening Classic Soap and Kojiesan Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap via Lazada. Follow Kojiesan on Facebook and Instagram.   

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