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Have You Ever Heard Of A Deo Serum? Here's What It Does

We tried a deo serum during workout and here's the result.
October 03, 2019
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You might be super particular about the products you use on your face, and now that personal care brands have been stepping up their game recently, you can be just as choosy with the products you use on your body. One such innovation cropping up in the market? Serum deodorant. But is this hybrid just a passing trend? What sets it apart from regular deodorant? Read on to learn more!

It has a serum-like formula.

Unlike your conventional roll-ons or stick deodorant, a serum deodorant is exactly what it sounds like: a thin, easily absorbed liquid with potent skincare ingredients. But don’t let its creamy formula fool you—serum deodorants don’t feel sticky or heavy and dry pretty quickly, so you won’t have to wait to put on your shirt in the morning.

It has skincare ingredients to help care for your underarms.

Just like a serum, this formulation makes use of the lightweight texture to deliver skin-loving ingredients. Some contain licorice, which helps brighten the skin and erase dark spots, while others contain vitamin E to help moisturize dry areas and reduce pigmentation.

It still protects you from sweat and odor.

Serum deodorant is first and foremost a deodorant, so on top of addressing your kilikili concerns, it also makes sure you stay dry and fresh, even on long, hot days, or during a workout.

It’s one thing to read about what a serum deodorant is, but I wanted to test it for myself. I grabbed Rexona’s Natural Whitening Deo Dry Serum and tried it out for a week. Besides promising to protect me from B.O., it also contains vitamin E, licorice extract, and sakura extract, which helps soothe irritated skin.

To really test out the effectiveness of the deodorant, I applied it before an hour-long bike ride under the afternoon sun. When I was soaked in sweat, I did a quick sniff test to see if the deodorant was still working. To my surprise, I could still smell the light, floral scent working its wonders.

On another day, I went to spin class. As I was cycling, I didn’t feel the usual icky wetness under my arms after the warmup. And when it was time to do the arm exercises, I wasn’t conscious of lifting my arms up because the deodorant didn’t leave any trace of white residue. By the end of my week-long trial period, I had noticed some improvements, but the biggest one would have to be how the deodorant helped even out my kilikili's skin tone.

Even if I wasn’t so active, this new deo formula is definitely something I would still get behind. It’s now my daily deo because of how smooth, dry, and fresh it leaves me feeling every time I use it.

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