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You Shouldn't Skip This Important Skincare Step If You Have Maskne

Tip: Go for a cleanser and an anti-acne treatment in one!
October 01, 2020
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Face masks help protect us from viruses and infections, but they can also trap sweat and dirt that often lead to maskne. It also sucks that the pimples around the cheeks and chin area worsen whenever we put on masks.

The most important thing you can do to help banish maskne is to always keep your face clean. Hormones and other health conditions aside, pimples happen when dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells block your pores. This is why cleansing should always be part of your daily routine.

But if you find that cleansing isn’t enough, it's time to turn to a product that can help rid your face of impurities while treating your acne. We recommend Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Cleansing Water, a water-based cleanser that has ingredients that help prevent breakouts. Below are more reasons you should add it to your routine:

It’s a cleanser and makeup remover in one.

The Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Cleansing Water has a micellar water formula that rids the face of accumulated dirt. But when you need a tough product to help melt long-wearing makeup, this can be your new go-to remover. You'll love how it’s tough against impurities, but feels gentle on the skin.    

It helps prevent and treat existing acne.

This cleansing water is loaded with ingredients that can help banish pimples. It has Zinc PCA that helps control excess oil and fight off bacteria that causes acne. It also contains witch hazel that aids in soothing skin irritation and controlling sebum production.  

It helps keep the skin soft and smooth. 

While some cleansers tend to dry out your complexion, this product actually does the opposite—it helps restore moisture in your skin! Thanks to black tea extract and hyaluronic acid, using this cleanser daily can keep your complexion hydrated and plump.

Fun fact: The Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Cleansing Water is the 2020 Cosmo Beauty Awards’ Best Micellar Water. You should ~really~ give this product a try!

Try it and see the results for yourself! The Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Cleansing Water is available at any Watsons branch nationwide. You can also opt for call and delivery service at select Watsons stores or shop online at Watsons’ online store. For more details, follow Watsons on Facebook.

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