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You'll Want To Add Ginger To Your Routine If You Have Dull, Tired Skin

It could be the ingredient your complexion needs.
February 03, 2021
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Chances are you’ve put a lot of research in trying to find the best products and ingredients to help revive your tired skin and bring back a glow to your complexion. FYI, you don’t actually have to look far and wide to find that ~one~ ingredient—it’s probably just sitting in your kitchen!

Ginger’s healing properties are nothing new, but what you might not know is that ginger has the ability to help revitalize your skin—especially after a long work day. And some skincare brands use the ingredient as an invigorating element in their products.

Pureganics, for one, has a combo of ginger-based products that you can swiftly incorporate into your daily face and body routines.

Both the Pureganics Ginger Soap and the Pureganics Body Lotion are infused with natural ginger extracts and marine and botanical ingredients to help calm, revitalize and soften your skin. They can help soothe your skin, too, especially if you’re dealing with dull, tired skin.

That said, how exactly do they help bring your skin a newfound radiance? Read on to find out!

1. They help keep your skin collagen intact.

Ginger is known to contain 40 antioxidants—and their sole intent is to help stop free radicals from feeding off our natural collagen. So when you include Pureganics Ginger Soap and Pureganics Body Lotion in your skincare, you’re helping your skin stay smooth, moisturized, and bouncy—the complete opposite of fatigued skin!

2. They help brighten your complexion.

ICYDK, ginger is full of antioxidants that can help brighten a dull complexion. It can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, making your skin look even. Once you add the soap and lotion duo to your skincare routine, you'll notice a more radiant, glowing complexion.

3. They help bring life back to tired skin.

Pulling all-nighters, whether they be completing a work presentation or binging your fave K-dramas, can have a huge impact on your skin. Skin fatigue is a real problem and some big indicators of this are dullness and dryness. If your soap strips your skin and if your lotion isn't rich enough to keep you moisturized all day, switch them out for the Pureganics Body Soap and Body Lotion! Both use ginger to help revive and bring life back to dull, sallow skin.

Instead of resorting to DIY methods to get your ginger fix, you can use Pureganics Ginger range! Simply lather the Purganics Body Soap on your skin in the shower, then apply Pureganics Body Lotion after. You’ll learn soon enough why ginger is becoming such a big buzzword in the beauty community!

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