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The Touching Story Behind Heart Evangelista's 'Love' And Daisy Tattoos

Her 'Love' tattoo is in Chiz Escudero's handwriting!
by Ira Nopuente
September 08, 2021
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Tattoos are usually inked on bodies as a symbol of love for a significant other, and Heart Evangelista did it in the sweetest, most touching way.

With the help of tattoo artist Annie Concepcion, she got the word "Love" in red ink tattooed on her wrist, which is BTW, right next to her tiny red heart tatt! The most touching part? It was in Chiz Escudero's handwriting! In her IG Story, she said: "My husband's handwriting inked on me forever by @theuncannie." 

In an exclusive interview, we asked her about her new "Love" tattoo, and Heart shared, "I've always wanted to put it, and I love red ink!"

She also got a daisy tattoo that had the *most* touching meaning. She shared with Cosmopolitan, "A daisy means new beginnings, motherhood, purity, innocence, and I love it. Daisies are wildflowers, and I really do identify with a wildflower because no matter where you plant them they will actually bloom. I also love the color white, so I thought that would be good. I'm also a pretty complicated person, and it's a reminder for me to not be so complicated just like the daisy. So, I really thought of getting a daisy, and I was happy about it."

Here are just some snapshots of what happened on the day Heart got inked:

Heart was always vocal about being scared of needles, so she told everyone that she won't cry while getting tattooed. Here, we also got to see her daisy tattoo!


Of course, she still wore a mask because there were other people in her house. 


And then here it is, the latest tattoo to Heart's collection.


"Love" could mean two things: Her real name, which is Love Marie, and Chiz and Heart's unending love for each other. Aww, these two!

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