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Here's How The Most Beautiful Pinay Celebs Keep Their Skin Glowing

You can totally steal their secrets!
March 01, 2017
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Being a celebrity isn't always as glamorous as it seems—rehearsals can be draining, shoots can take hours, and all the makeup, stress, and sleepless nights can take a toll on the skin.

We dug a bit deeper to learn how new Pond’s ambassadors Kathryn Bernardo, Toni Gonzaga, Joey Mead King and Sofia Andres keep their skin glowing even during their most hectic days. Here's how they do it:

They stick to a good beauty regimen.

Skincare aside, a woman’s outlook on life has a great impact on her appearance. A truly inspiring woman, Joey Mead King reminds Filipinas that they have the power to make beautiful changes:  “As women, it’s important that we strive to inspire and empower one another. We all have the strength and grace to transform the toughest changes into something beautiful.”  

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