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How Much Do These Cosmo Girls Know About Beauty Products?

TRUE OR FALSE: The average woman puts a total of around 200 ingredients on her face daily.
October 25, 2018
CREATED WITH Himalaya Herbals
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Did you know that mascara has a shelf life of only six months? Or that your body can get used to antiperspirants, making them ineffective over time? It's important to know your makeup and skincare facts, so you can understand their effects on your body in the long term. Want to know how your beauty knowledge is? Watch this video of us testing three Pinays and see if you can beat them:

There's no doubt that these CGs will be more conscious about the products they use. Now that you know what's good for you, there's no excuse to settle for products—from foundations to moisturizers to toothpaste—that aren't specially made for your skin and your body. To add another wholesome and gentle product to your routine, try the Botanique Toothpaste by Himalaya, a toothpaste formulated with organic herbs.

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