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OMG! We Found A Deo That Uses Niacinamide To Help Brighten Dark Underarm Marks

Your kilikili will thank you for using it!
July 02, 2021
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Dark underarm marks can happen to anyone, considering the daily friction brought about by our day-to-day activities and the wear and tear that comes with either shaving or waxing. And while these marks should never hold you back from anything, we understand if having them can make you feel a bit self-conscious around other people.

That said, we found something that might help: the Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector. Aside from protecting you from odor, it also helps brighten your underarms with its high concentration of niacinamide.

You’ve probably tried niacinamide serums on your face, but they can also work well on your kilikili, too! After all, it naturally penetrates deep into the skin to ultimately help even out your skin tone.

Even better: The Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector does not only help in brightening underarm marks! See what else it can do for you below:

It can help keep your underarms soft and smooth.

This deo is infused with Dove’s signature moisturizing cream, which helps keep the underarms soft and smooth. This, together with niacinamide, can give your underarm the TLC it deserves, so make sure to use it regularly to see what it can *actually* do!

It can protect you against sweat and body odor.

With the heat and humidity at full force, you really can’t help but sweat—even if you’re just at home. Put this deo to use before starting your day, both to prevent excessive sweating and the possible development of unwanted odor.

It can keep your underarms smelling fresh all day.

On top of protecting you from body odor, this deo also imparts the soft scent of lilies to your underarms. This means that you’ll be smelling fresh and floral all day long!

FYI, Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Mark Corrector is now available in a sachet for only P10 SRP! Shop it in the nearest department store or online via Lazada or Shopee, as well as from leading supermarkets and department stores. For more information, follow Dove on Facebook.

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