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This One Ingredient In Your Skincare Routine Can Help Your Skin Look Young + Even

Start taking care of your skin now, so that you can look youthful in your 30s.
December 10, 2018
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We all want the young and even-toned skin we have now to last a lifetime. That does sound too much, but you can help make your even complexion last for years. While topical ingredients can be effective when it comes to fading dark spots and making sure the skin is evenly bright, your body still needs exercise, a proper diet, and supplements with skin-loving ingredients. Try incorporating a supplement with astaxanthin into your daily regimen. Found in skincare products and supplements, it’s a super nutrient that's essential to any anti-aging, skin-evening routine. Below, some of its many benefits:

1. It helps make skin look youthful.

Astaxanthin is said to be the king of carotenoids, which are pigments found in plants that act as antioxidants. Research published by Dove Medical Press shows that carotenoids can improve one’s skin tone, which can help you look younger.

2. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

A study conducted in Japan shows that astaxanthin helps visibly reduce wrinkles and sagging by stimulating the body’s collagen production. It also helps improve the water-retaining capacity of skin cells, hence restoring and maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.

3. It helps lighten dark spots.

Age spots and freckles—physical manifestations of photoaging—are caused by sun exposure. According to this study conducted by Kyoto University, astaxanthin helps fade these marks and prevent them from multiplying by functioning as an “internal sunscreen,” protecting skin cells against UV damage from within.

4. It helps nourish dry skin.

A study published by the Multidisciplinary Publishing Digital Institute last April shows that since the antioxidant astaxanthin helps improve the moisture-retention capacity of your skin, making it feel more moisturized and supple. Astaxanthin can inhibit the breakdown of collagen, making sure skin stays firm and smooth even when it’s exposed to environmental stressors.

With all these benefits, we wouldn't be surprised if you're rushing to get this super nutrient into your system ASAP. One of the best and easiest ways to incorporate astaxanthin into your routine is through vitamin-based supplements. That way, you'll remember to complete your skincare regimen right after breakfast and reap the rewards of this antioxidant.

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