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Key Ingredients Found In Your Fave Beauty Products

Shop smart, and know what youre slathering on your face.
January 19, 2017
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1. Vitamin E and C 

These two essential vitamins are the inseparable BFFs in most of your favorite beauty brands. They not only serve as powerful antioxidants, they also work hand in hand to give you healthy skin by protecting your cells and improving your immune system. Vitamins E and C are often found in natural fruit extracts such as papaya, lemon, and orange, so make sure you spot these on the ingredients list when you do your beauty shopping.


Try: SkinWhite Natural Papaya Milk Whitening Lotion with SPF 10;
SkinWhite Teens Whitening Lotion in Tropical Bliss; SkinWhite Power Whitening Lotion;
Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with Exfoliating Lemon Scrubs

2. Castor Oil

If you think veggies are just for eating, you may be surprised that a lot of anti-aging products actually contain hydrogenated castor oil—a vegetable oil extracted from the Ricinus communis plant and seed. It's been known as an age-old beauty secret used topically to treat acne and rashes while rejuvenating and decreasing pigmentation in the skin. It also has fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the skin to prevent wrinkles, allowing you to wake up with a natural glow when you sleep with anti-aging cream on.


Try: L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Power Water

3. Petrolatum

There are a ton of lotions in the market that are great for hydration, but not all of them are specially formulated for dry and damaged skin. Petrolatum is a natural mineral oil jelly that's been used for centuries as a treatment for common skin problems. Unlike other emollients, petrolatum creates a barrier that locks moisture into your skin—use it on cracked heels and wear socks overnight for baby-smooth feet the morning after. 


Try: Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Serum

4. Niacinamide

A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide is known as a "good cholesterol" that gives you healthy hair, skin, and eyes. Niacinamides are vasodilators—they widen your blood vessels to regulate your blood flow, which allows your body to cleanse out toxins. You'll notice that it's mostly present in skincare and brightening products. That's because niacinamide causes a natural flush as an indication that your capillaries are dilating, and since your skin's capillaries are finer than the ones in your internal organs, it gives you a healthy, rosy glow in the process!


Try: Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream; Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash;
Pond's Flawless White BB
+ Cream

5. Mulberry Extract 

Pro tip: Next time you go beauty shopping, make sure you check the label for various hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) natural extracts included in the ingredients list. They're usually written in their scientific forms so you'll notice them right away. For example, mulberry extract is often written in labels as morus alba root and fruit extract. Several studies have proven that mulberry is high in antioxidants and also has antimicrobial properties, making it a perfect ingredient from facial washes and cleaners. It also contains compounds that help clear out acne, eczema, and inflammation! 

Try: Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser

6. Licorice Root Extract 

Remember that pro tip above? Another scientific name to watch for in your beauty products is glycyrrhiza glabra or licorice. Licorice is an herb that's been used in ancient history for treating all sorts of ailments ranging from common colds to liver problems. It's been proven to be a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial agent and is also popular for whitening purposes. Like kojic acid, licorice has flavonoids that reduce pigmentation. Some studies also suggest that it can keep body odor at bay and help in hair growth.

Try: NIVEA Whitening Innercell Repair Body Milk; NIVEA Extra Whitening Innercell Repair Body Milk

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