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These Are The Skincare Tips Liza Soberano Swears By

A.K.A. your cheat sheet to skin goals.
September 23, 2019
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Liza Soberano is #SkinGoals; no question about that. Her glow is undeniable, with or without makeup. Good thing Liza doesn’t mind sharing her beauty secrets! Here’s what you can do to achieve your best skin, according to the actress:

1. Always remember to hydrate.

“I have had dry skin since I was young and one of the best beauty tips I ever received was to always make sure to hydrate my skin.”

2. Let your skin exfoliate on its own.

Girls with dry skin, take note: “I used to scrub my skin a lot because I thought I needed to exfoliate often. But I have since learned that it’s not good for my skin, and that it even makes my skin drier. I just have to let my skin exfoliate on its own.”

4. Remove your makeup as soon as you can.

Due to her busy schedule of photoshoots and tapings, Liza admits that her skin is almost always covered with makeup. “You know that feeling when your skin’s covered with makeup for a long time, then it already looks and feels dull and dry? I feel that sometimes.” This is why she makes it a point to wash her face and remove all makeup as soon as the cameras stop rolling.

5. Skip the makeup when possible.

“Whenever I don’t have to wear makeup at work, I prefer going out bare skin and makeup-free. I’ll only wear lip balm at most,” Liza says. Since her skin is exposed to a lot of stressors, this is how she makes sure she doesn’t get breakouts or flaky skin.

6. Go for treatments customized for your skin.

When it comes to skincare, Liza consults with and gets a customized Skin Quality Program from Dr. Vicki Belo. She also shares that one of her favorite treatments from the Belo Medical Group is Angel Whitening, which helps make her skin feel “lighter, clearer, and look refreshed right after.”

“I love their facials, and Dr. Belo introduced me to Glass Skin Facial just recently and it’s definitely love at first try. The Glass Skin Facial is part of Belo’s Skin Quality Program that was recommended to me. After my consultation with Dr. Belo and after she assessed my skin, she gave me my customized Skin Quality Program. It’s a three-month program of different treatments to maintain the ideal state of my skin. Both Angel Whitening and Glass Skin Facial are part of that. There are other Belo treatments included in the program that may be better suited for other girls, it all depends on their skin concerns and goals. It’s all super exciting!”

If you’re not sure whether or not these tips apply to your skin type, it’s best to consult an expert. After all, what works for others may not necessarily solve your skin issues.

Book a consultation at Belo Medical Group and get your own three-month Skin Quality Program to achieve your best skin. Visit their website for more details or call +632 819 BELO (2356) to schedule an appointment.


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