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10 Popular Wrist Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect For ~Minimalist~ Girls

Time to take a screenshot!
by Patricia Melliza
July 28, 2022
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If you want to place your first (or next) ink somewhere *low-key*, your wrist is your best bet. It's fairly hidden, but at the same time, it's still visible to you. Plus, it's a small part of the body which makes it perfect for minimalist or tiny designs.

When getting a wrist tattoo, you have two options: you can have your ink placed on the inner wrist or on the side. Either way, both spots are perfect for not-so-obvious inks. Keep on scrolling to know more!

Does it hurt to get a wrist tattoo? 

Getting tattooed on *any* part of the body will hurt, and the wrist won't be an exception. After all, it's close to the bone and there is less fat that can serve as a "cushion." However, keep in mind that pain is subjective and everyone's pain tolerance is different. (Check out our tattoo pain chart here.)

If you have a low pain threshold, you can go for simpler designs that won't require a lot of shading. This way, your tattoo sesh will be over in no time! Ahead, we compiled a bunch of minimalist wrist tattoo inspo for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead and screenshot your faves! 

10 Popular Minimalist Wrist Tattoos To Try

  1. Word side wrist tattoo 

    The wrist is a good canvas for a one-word or a phrase tattoo, especially if you want it to serve as a reminder to yourself. You can easily show it off or conceal it. Just don't forget to apply sunblock to keep it from fading over time! 

  2. Birds wrist tattoo

    Birds can represent two beautiful things: freedom and courage. A flock of birds would look great on the side of your wrist, but a lone bird can be just as powerful, too. 

  3. Heart wrist tattoo

    A heart tattoo design is cute, simple, and timelessit's no wonder so many people (including celebs) have it inked on their wrists! There are also a lot of variations to choose from. You can go for colored ones or you can mix them with other symbols if you want your ink to be truly personal. (READ: 10 ~*Delicate*~ Tattoos For Girls Who Love Hearts)

  4. Crescent moon wrist tattoo

    There's something so charming about crescent moons! But aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this symbol holds a multitude of meanings. "Crescent moons are usually related to new phases in life, new chapters, a new beginning," Chris Vasquez of West 4 Tattoo tells Byrdie

  5. Flower wrist tattoo

    Flowers are *perf* for the wrist due to their linear design. The best part is, there are so many types of blooms you can choose from, depending on your aesthetic or even your birth month

  6. Sparkles wrist tattoo

    Sparkles are so subtle but impactful. You can play around with the placements to make your minimalist tattoo more interesting! (READ: 15 Star Tattoo Designs & Ideas You'll Want To Copy Right Now)

  7. Butterfly wrist tattoo

    Butterflies are a popular tattoo design choice, and for good reason. It's pretty and meaningful! Actresses like Ivana Alawi got this lovely insect tattooed on her back to symbolize "rebirth," she explained in an interview. "From a caterpillar, pwede ka mag- grow into something beautiful." 

  8. Sun and moon wrist tattoo

    The sun and moon may be total opposites but they complement each other.  

  9. Wave wrist tattoo

    Keep a piece of the beach everywhere you go by getting this popular tattoo design! What's nice is, a wave tattoo can also remind you to go with the flow of life. 

  10. Lightning bolt wrist tattoo

    If you want something minimal but bold, a lightning bolt tattoo is for you! 


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