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OMG! This Deodorant With Natural Ingredients *Doubles* As Skincare For Your Underarms

It's packed with organic bio aloe vera!
May 17, 2021
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Don’t you just feel *extra* refreshed whenever you use products made with natural ingredients? Us, too! It’s the same reason why people are becoming more mindful about the ingredients in their products—especially when it comes to underarm products. But while deodorants with natural ingredients help fight odor, they might dry out the skin. Luckily, we found one that can help address these concerns and more: the NIVEA Naturally Good Bio Aloe Vera deodorant. It has natural ingredients that help keep the underarms feeling fresh and cared for all day with regular use. Below, we list down all the reasons why you should try it:

It’s made up of 95 percent naturally sourced ingredients.

Yup, this deo’s ingredients are of natural origin—95 percent of it to be exact! You can count on this to give your underarms the much-needed TLC they deserve, thanks to organic bio aloe vera and glycerin

It doesn’t have aluminum or parabens. 

This deo is so gentle. It contains 0 percent aluminum and parabens—which may cause adverse skin reactions for some. When you use it regularly, you can keep your pits clean and odor-free while being more mindful about the products you use. If you are on the lookout for a deo that won’t cause skin irritation, this product is a good bet.

It offers all-day freshness with a smooth skin feel.

With summer in full swing, your underarms might start feeling sticky and uncomfortable. If you want to stave off that icky feeling, this product provides all-day protection using the goodness of bio aloe vera and glycerin to help keep you feeling fresh all day upon regular use. Even better: It comes with a refreshing aloe vera scent that’s gentle on the skin, too!

It’s vegan.

Last but not least: This deo has a 100 percent vegan formula, which means there are no animal-derived ingredients and byproducts involved in creating this. So yes, with NIVEA Naturally Good Bio Aloe Vera, you’re choosing what’s naturally good for you!

Learn more about the NIVEA Naturally Good Bio Aloe Vera deodorant through this video. Shop the NIVEA Naturally Good Bio Aloe Vera deodorant on Watsons, Shopee, or Lazada today! Available in 50ml roll-on and 75ml spray. For more information, visit NIVEA Philippines’ official website or follow the brand on Facebook

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