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Pampering Gifts For Every Horoscope Sign

It's all written in the stars.
November 08, 2017
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The worst part of Christmas shopping is probably the mad holiday rush. Elbowing your way through crowds of equally stressed shoppers is never a fun ordeal. And you're definitely not the only one who feels this way. We all get exhausted thinking about braving the malls to shop for gifts that might just end up being recycled next year (ouch).

This year, make your trip to the mall worth it by spoiling your loved ones with these beauty gift sets from Watsons. Better yet, make your shopping experience more fun by buying your presents based on your loved one's horoscopes for a personalized pampering treat. Check out our picks:

Aquarians are very deep thinkers and helpful. This Secret Garden Beauty Set is exactly what she'll need to unwind.

Simple Joy Secret Garden Beauty Set, P149, Watsons

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