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These Feel-Good Stories of Pinays Breaking Down Stereotypes at Work Will Make You Feel Empowered

Our society has a long way to go.
August 06, 2019
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While it’s a reality that most women still have to prove they're more than just a bunch of pretty faces, it only drives us to hustle even harder and let our accomplishments speak for ourselves. Get inspired by the stories of these incredible women as you conquer the corporate battlefield:

Jacque Kwen Buskowitz, Sustainable Energy Advocate + Magazine Cover Girl

As a crusader for the environment, Jacque educates businesses and communities on the importance of investing in solar power. She shares a typical day on the job in a interview: One day I could be at the airport, waiting to take off to see a client in another part of the country while also preparing a solar proposal for another client.

The next day I could be sitting at our office in Makati, brainstorming with members of the company about innovative solar educating ideas for the Philippine population. And the day after that, I could be at an event or expo for energy or speaking in front of an audience interested in renewable energy and sustainability.

People compliment Jacque for being beautiful but she doesn’t want her success to just revolve around her looks. Instead, she wants to dedicate her time and energy in creating valuable change for the country.

Danie Laurel, Finance Expert + News Anchor

“You break the stereotype of beauty by really having a genuine interest and cultivating things other than your physical appearance,” Danie says. And she has a long list of credentials to prove it. With a PhD in Finance, she served as a finance professor in the Philippines and in France, all while balancing motherhood and a news anchor job.

Atty. Marge Gutierrez, Corporate Lawyer + Model

Using her modeling career to support her law school dreams, Marge broke stereotypes and proved that beauty without brains is a thing of the past. “‘Beauty with a Plus’ for me is being a woman of substance, a woman of power, and someone who is a positive influence to the people around her. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and gets it done. Women nowadays can be beautiful and smart,” she points out.

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