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Ever Felt Judged For Your Age? Almost 2 Out Of 3 Pinays Have, According To This Survey

Here’s what Pond’s is doing to help change the way women view their age.
July 26, 2021
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It’s been said that you should never ask a woman’s age. And while there’s no rational explanation for it, we do understand that age is an uncomfortable topic for many women, Pinays included. 

When asked to reveal our number, how many of us tend to shy away from directly answering? How many of us say “secret” instead of being upfront about how old we are?

Guess what — someone did the survey and the results are quite interesting! ICYMI, Pond’s recently did a poll on Instagram that asked women their sentiments regarding their age, and it confirmed something we’ve known all along — Pinays are uncomfortable with the thought of aging.  

When asked whether they’ve ever hesitated to reveal their age, 55 percent of the respondents said yes. And when asked whether they’ve ever felt judged for their number, 61 percent — nearly two out of three — admitted to feeling so. 

Pond’s even asked what it is about aging that bothers Pinays and the responses are definitely relatable. One respondent said that she worries about losing opportunities because others might think that “she’s too old to do certain things.” Another woman said that she hates “the toxic culture of older people being seen as no longer attractive.” Lastly, a Pinay admitted to feeling uncomfortable with “the social pressure of having a family at the age of 30.” 

Understanding the gravity of these results, Pond’s set out to launch the campaign #CelebrateYourAge. With this, the beauty brand aims to help change the way Pinays view aging. 

“We are committed to uplifting every woman’s relationship with herself, beauty, and age. We believe that age is just a number, and it should never dictate a woman’s life. A woman’s best life can happen at whatever age she chooses to live it: her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, or beyond. That’s why aging should be celebrated, not feared,” says Dorothy Dee-Ching, Unilever Philippines’ Vice President for Beauty and Personal Care.

Leading the campaign is long-time Pond’s ambassador, Heart Evangelista. In a video produced by Pond’s, the celeb talks about the worries that women of certain ages often encounter and invites them to live their best lives without worrying about their number.

Pond’s also tapped other celebrities and influencers coming from different age groups, such as Alice Dixon, Geneva Cruz, and Marjorie Barretto to start much-needed online conversations regarding ageism. 

Of course, this movement got us curious, too! And since we wanted to know what Cosmo girls thought about aging, we invited Pinays of all ages to sit down with us and talk about the #CelebrateYourAge campaign. Watch this video to hear what they think:

What do you think of Pond's new campaign? Share your thoughts with us and follow Pond’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more. 

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