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QUIZ: The Scent You Should Wear Based On Your Ideal Date

Do you want to go out for dinner or have a day trip?
June 04, 2018
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The idea of a perfect date brings a lot of pressure, from applying a flattering makeup look to wearing a stylish and comfortable outfit. And then there’s choosing the scent to wear, as the perfect one can boost your confidence throughout your date.

So which fragrance should you spray on? Take this quiz to find the perfect scent for exploring a quaint museum outside the city or enjoying a three-course meal at the hottest restaurant in town.

QUIZ: The Scent You Should Wear Based On Your Ideal Date

There’s something about fragrance that can make you feel more empowered, put a sway in your stride, and inject sparkle in your eyes. While your enthralling personality will do most of the work, you can help guarantee another date by leaving a good impression.

Jimmy Choo fragrances are available at the Jimmy Choo store in Shangri-la Plaza Mall, the beauty sections of Rustan’s, SM, and other leading department stores nationwide, and

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