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These Tattoos Will Inspire You To Get One With Your Sibling ASAP

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by Tisha Caedo
June 07, 2019
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Matching tattoos are not just for besties and couples, they're for siblings, too! If you and your brothers or sisters want to get inked soon, check out these pretty tattoo designs for some major inspo:

  1. If you both love flowers, this is a great way to showcase it.

  2. You can always get your respective zodiac signs on the same area!

  3. Or tattoo your birth years in the same font.

  4. If you have more than one sibling, this chic tattoo will look good on everyone.

  5. Twinning, much?

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  6. The similar placement and different design is a cute reminder that you and your sibling will always ~agree to disagree~.

  7. These geometric shapes signify the lasting bond you have with your brothers and/or sisters.

  8. Matching dragonfly tatts can mean that you and your sibling will always stay connected, wherever you both are.

  9. This sweet tattoo is proof you and your sister or brother will always support and be there for each other.

  10. For a funnier tattoo design, try getting one that states your birth order!

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