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5 Major Reasons To Add This ~*Jelly*~ Mask And Scrub To Your Routine

This is Nadine Lustre's *secret* to her glowing skin.
by Patricia Melliza
July 04, 2022
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If you want to get rid of bacne or even out the discoloration on your body, one solution you can try at home is to use a good ol' body scrub. Like your face, your body needs exfoliation, too. It accumulates dead skin, sweat, oil, and dirt, which can lead to breakouts as well as dullness.

And now that we're on that subject, allow us to suggest a new and promising exfoliator: the SNAILWHITE Glow Jelly Mask And Scrub. Know more about it below! 

5 Reasons To Try The SNAILWHITE Glow Jelly Mask And Scrub

  1. It *gently* exfoliates the skin. 

    This jelly-like scrub contains both physical (exfoliating beads) and chemical (pomegranate extract and AHA) exfoliants to slough away dead cell buildup. But don't worry, its formula doesn't feel ~harsh~ on the skin. Also, fun fact: Nadine Lustre swears by this shower essential for glowing skin! 

  2. It leaves the skin super soft! 

    It's packed with nourishing ingredients like snail mucin, which has moisturizing properties that repair your skin's barrier. It's also formulated with jojoba oil to keep your skin hydrated. 

  3. It can help fade pigmentation.

    This body scrub also brightens the skin, thanks to niacinamideTo use this 2-in-1 product, gently rub it on your body and leave it on for about five minutes to let the chemical exfoliants work their ~*magic*~. 

  4. It can be used as a butt mask. 

    Massage this multi-tasking product on your booty at least twice a week to get rid of annoying bumps and buttne

  5. It's wallet-friendly!

    For all those benefits, the body mask-slash-scrub only costs P349 per 200g pack and P159 per 50g pack. 

    SNAILWHITE Glow Jelly Mask & Scrub, P159/50g, Lazada and Shopee



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