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The Girls of St. Ives’ #GenerationGlow Have The Best Advice About “Glowing Up” And Gaining Confidence

Are you ready to meet the new brand ambassadors of St. Ives?
July 21, 2021
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ICYMI, Cosmopolitan Philippines and St. Ives recently teamed up for an exciting online contest. We asked Pinays to join #GenerationGlow to share their love of content creation and get the chance to be the next ambassadors of the beauty brand.

The semi-finalists went through three weeks of video challenges—sharing their morning skincare routine, their workout sesh, and their own take on the St. Ives scrub chant. Believe us, screening each entry was extra tough because everyone was so convincing. But after much deliberation, we’re proud to announce that #GenerationGlow is now complete

Are you ready to meet the new faces of St. Ives? Because they’re here and they have a few words on ~*glowing up*~ and how to stay confident!

Alcea De Jesus (@ceadejesus)

Alcea decided to join #GenerationGlow with the idea that going out of her comfort zone is the best way to grow. For her, glowing up means going from “Can I do it?” to “OMG! I really did it!” 

She says that her number one tip to feeling confident is to not listen to the discouraging voice inside her head. “We are our worst critic. If we give in to all of the mean things we think about ourselves, we will never be confident enough to do anything.” 

Audrey Alquiroz (@audreyalki)

For Audrey, glowing up means being open to change. “You can’t glow up if you’re not willing to take risks. The journey outside of your comfort zone—may it include rejections, losses, or wins—glows you up.”

Her tip to staying confident? “Surround yourself with people who genuinely support and believe in you. Most of the time, we need that slight push from the people who matter to us the most to discover that confidence within ourselves.” 

Chrizanne Tagle (@inzanneeeee)

Zanne promised herself that she would step out of her comfort zone when she turns 25. And that’s exactly what she did when she filmed, edited, and sent her video entry for #GenerationGlow on her 25th birthday, coincidentally the last date for the submission of entries.

She adds, “Glowing up means improving yourself gradually each and every day until you reach that certain level of happiness and contentment. I believe that when you do what you love and you work passionately for it, you will naturally, from inside to out, glow up.”

Pia Gutierrez (@piagutzz)

For Pia, glowing up isn’t just a matter of physical appearance. “It’s not only about the things you see physically because it can also come from within, when you start to gain confidence and self-esteem.”

Now that she’s a St. Ives ambassador, she shares that she wants to challenge herself to be the best that she can be, adding that the most important thing is what she will learn from this new journey.

Kiara Ruiz (@saykiaraaaaaaaa)

Self-professed introvert Kiara admits that it’s been difficult for her to come out of her shell. She only realized her passion for content creation when she dabbled with live streaming during the pandemic. 

For her, glowing up is a process of revealing who you truly are. And as to how she stays feeling empowered, she claims, “It’s simple—I affirm. I always tell myself that I am beautiful, I am kind, I am brave, I am confident, I am loved, and that my feelings are valid. And nobody else can tell me that I am not enough because I am enough.”

Nicole Nuguid (@garcianics03)

Like the other winners, Nicole found herself joining #GenerationGlow after promising herself that she would be more open to trying out new things. And this, she says, is the best decision she’s ever made!

How does she maintain her confidence? She says she tries her best to focus on her own achievements. “The only person you need to compare yourself with is yourself, and when you do, you’ll see how far you've come. Also, don't forget to acknowledge your strengths and successeseven the small wins!

Hillary Muyalde (@hillaryhillarya)

Hillary says that she joined #GenerationGlow because the brand’s message resonated with her. “I have consistently been a self-advocate of expressing my positive aura, creativity, and sprightly personality. I believe that it always has to start from within.”

And while it’s easier said than done, she says that her trick has always been to believe in herself. She shares, “Trust that you are the best and qualified person in the room. Sure, everybody is unique but believe that you are specially made with a purpose and a positive striking personality that will win over everybody’s heart.”

Eunice Tanamor (@euniqueshades)

Eunice says that she joined #GenerationGlow because she wants to be part of something inspiring and empowering for all women. 

And now, as a St. Ives brand ambassador, her message to all of us is simple: You got this! “Make this a reminder to yourself that you can do anything no matter what. Positivity and confidence come from loving yourself. The biggest tip that I can give to others to boost their confidence is having faith in themselves.”

Trisha Gutierrez (@trishagutierrez_)

For Trisha, glowing means growing. “I've consciously challenged myself to keep on growing and changing in all aspects, whether it be in skincare, fitness, beauty, career, interests and hobbies, self-awareness, and relationships with others. When we never limit our growth, we'll keep on glowing.”

As for her advice to help Pinays continue glowing, she had this to say: “It is vital to recognize and truly believe in your beauty and potential. Every person is capable of growth. But that will only happen with belief, action, persistence, and support of those who love us (and that should include ourselves).”

Jasmin Lim (@itsmintobe)

When Jasmin saw the call for #GenerationGlow, she says that there was only one thing she could do: Let go of her doubts and just go for it. “I’ve always loved making videos and content but never really had the confidence nor reason to do them. Being a St. Ives brand ambassador will finally give me the purpose and platform to do even more of what I love while using my voice to inspire and empower other people.”

How does she stay confident? She shares, “I stay empowered by always remembering and being true to who I am and what I stand for.” TBH, we couldn’t have said it any better!

These Pinays truly deserve to be the winners of #GenerationGlow! View the challenges they’ve been through when you visit this hub. Don't forget to follow St. Ives on Facebook and Instagram to see the Gen G girls in action soon. 

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