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The Daily Beauty Routines Of Pinay Twentysomethings

See how your own daily regimen compares!
October 19, 2017
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When it comes to beauty secrets, a girl will never be 100% honest. Let’s face it: A girl won’t easily admit that she did not, in fact, wake up like that. But we know you’re super curious, so we polled the results of a freshness survey taken by over 8,000 Pinays.

As it turns out, a mere 12.09% of Filipinas can claim they “woke up like this.” Only 1,009 respondents say they manage to stay effortlessly gorgeous and fresh all day long. These girls know that it takes more than a great makeup routine to look good, and they really make an effort to ensure they look and feel fresh all day.

The results also showed that around 7.63% of Pinays are super low-maintenance. They know they already look good, and they don't need an ~extra~ bath routine or a full face of makeup to feel great. However, it doesn’t always work out, and they wish they could feel fresher throughout the day.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that most Pinays are somewhere in the middle. For 40.63% of the respondents, they start the day fresh but end up a mess. They leave the house looking amazing, but they start feeling more and more hulas as the hours roll by. Who can blame them when we have to battle humidity and pollution every day?

“Staying fresh from morning to evening seems impossible,” says Kyra, 24. “I have to retouch my makeup a few times a day to look presentable.”

Audrey, 26, agrees. “I take a cold shower every morning so I'll stay fresh habang nagco-commute. I also have a green tea mineral mist handy to keep my face hydrated and less oily throughout the day.”

Basically, staying fresh isn’t just about what you do in the morning—your other efforts throughout the day matter, too.

“In the mornings, I use a regular cleanser, toner, and moisturizer with SPF. Combination 'yung skin ko, so I have to blot my face a few times over the day to keep the oil at bay,” says Jori, 25.

“I use a gel-based moisturizer in the morning after taking a shower, and drink lots of water throughout the day,” shares Amapola, 25.

Keeping your feminine area feeling clean all day also contributes to your overall freshness. CAREFREE® panty liners can help ward off that uncomfortable feeling we all tend to get down there.

"I hate it when my underwear feels damp, especially when I'm doing a lot of stuff," says Malu, 25. "I really make it a point to wear a liner every day, and I change it every four to five hours to stay clean."

Now, if you’re having one of those days when you just couldn’t be bothered to fix yourself up, you’re in good company. While 39.65% of Pinays can keep themselves feeling fresh from AM to PM, they’re not immune to those bad-hair, bad-everything days, especially when they’re feeling tamad.

“I wash, tone, and moisturize. Dapat may sunscreen din, pero tamad na ako,” admits Angelique, 23.

“I just wash my face,” says Sara, 27. “When I had fewer pimples, I was applying a cream in the morning and at night.”

In the end, it’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong beauty routine that fits everyone. Whatever your daily regimen is, the most important thing is that it works for you and suits your lifestyle perfectly. Feeling fresh starts with using the right products, especially on your feminine area. Use CAREFREE® panty liners daily to feel fresh down there! It's just what you need to feel beautiful and confident all day long.

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