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This 4-Step Skincare Routine Will Help Banish Nasty Breakouts

These products are pretty easy to find, too.
August 03, 2020
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While many skincare items promise to treat pimples, keeping your face totally free from acne usually doesn’t magically happen with just one product. In addition to getting proper nutrition and sufficient rest, your skin may need an effective regimen to avoid blemishes. If you don’t know where to start, here are some recommendations:

1. Cleanse your face every morning and before bed.

There are indeed certain factors beyond your control that may cause your skin to flare up. But if there’s one thing you have complete power over, it’s keeping your face free from dirt, bacteria, and excess oil that may trigger breakouts. This is why it’s important to wash your face day and night with a gentle product, like Dermaction Plus by Watsons Pure Anti-Acne Purifying Facial Gel. With regular use, it can help prevent acne and aid in reducing the appearance of dark spots and redness that come with breakouts.

You may also opt to double-cleanse with Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Cleansing Water to ensure that you've completely removed sebum buildup and makeup.

2. Use toner after cleansing.

A toner gets rid of stuck dirt beneath the pores and boosts the absorption of the rest of the skincare products. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to toner, but your best bet is something that can help exfoliate dead skin cells. Try Dermaction Plus by Watsons Pure Anti-Acne Skin Toner, which feels like a water lotion when applied to your skin.

3. Apply a night essence.

Banishing breakouts is a matter of prevention than cure. Choose products with active ingredients to help the skin repair itself. Opt for a potent night essence with salicylic acid and witch hazel. Our reco: Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Pure Completed Recover Night Essence. Apply it to your skin after your toner to help heal breakouts and keep your face moisturized as you sleep.

4. Include a spot corrector in your routine.

Once you see a pimple sprout up, don’t pick at it. Instead, apply a spot treatment to the affected area to dry it up and heal. Use Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Overnight SOS Spot Corrector and dab it on your breakouts to help stop them on their tracks.

Treating pimples isn’t an overnight thing, so it’s best to be consistent with your regimen to see actual results. With regular use, the Dermaction Plus by Watsons Anti-Acne Range can help you score a clear and glowing complexion.

By the way, this skincare line isn’t limited to anti-acne products. Those who use makeup daily can try the Cleansing Water range, which helps break down and remove makeup, among other benefits. There’s also the Sun Care range, which offers protection from UV rays.

Check out the stores that offer these products for delivery here. Choose your products wisely and stick to your routine, Cosmo Girls! Learn more about Dermaction Plus by Watsons when you follow Watsons on Facebook.

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