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This Drugstore Product Is Kathryn Bernardo’s Secret To Radiant Skin

Score Kathryn’s rosy glow without breaking the bank!
March 20, 2017
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Most women are blessed to have smooth and naturally glowing skin at an early age. But by the time you reach your twenties, it begins to lose its natural glow. We can put the blame on work stress, weekly late night cocktails with the girls, and exposure to city pollution—all huge factors in dulling our skin.

If there is anyone familiar with dealing with stress and busy schedules, it’s Kathryn Bernardo. With non-stop print and TV shoots, guest appearances and school on the side, Kathryn knows not to take any shortcuts when it comes to her career.

The same goes for her skincare routine. What we consume and do greatly contributes to how our skin looks on the outside. So when it comes to skin care, Kathryn chooses beauty products that will not only battle skin damage, but will prevent it from happening in the first place, too. Luckily, her secret to radiant skin is affordable, making it possible for CGs everywhere to get rosy and glowing skin in a breeze.

We know that getting super affordable drugstore products that deliver can be hard, but you can consider your search over now with Kathryn's beauty find. When it comes to fighting dull skin, take your cue from the Teen Queen and opt for Pond's White Beauty day cream. This powder finish day cream has the new, potent ingredient VITAMIN B3+, which reduces the production and distribution of melanin that makes your skin darker. Plus, Pond's White Beauty helps protect your skin from further sun damage with SPF, helps even out skin tone, brightens dark spots, and leaves a light powder finish that lasts all day! 

So, if you’re gunning for a smooth, rosy, and healthy glow, go ahead and stock up on Kathryn Bernardo’s go-to day cream and be on your way to great skin without breaking the bank. Invest on your skincare by finding the right products, and you might just steal the spotlight like our girl Kathryn. 

You can learn more about Pond's White Beauty Day Cream by visiting their Facebook page here

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