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This Is How Your Skin Changes Once You Hit 30

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December 21, 2016
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When you think about turning 30, you probably think about things like settling down with your guy or making your side hustle your main source of income; but have you ever thought about how you will physically change, particularly with your skin?

We rounded up five ways your skin changes once you bid your twenties goodbye:

1. Your skin dries up.

Sebaceous glands (a.k.a. the ones responsible for producing oil) will produce less and less oil, which will lead to drier skin over time. Girls with oily skin will feel the effects of this a lot later than their normal, dry, and sensitive-skinned counterparts.

2. Hyperpigmentation becomes more of an issue.

Age spots and liver spots will start showing up on your face. This is mostly caused by sun damage, so make sure to cover up with at least SPF 15 as early as now to avoid these dark spots.

3. Your skin becomes thinner.

This is because your body will produce less melanocytes, which are responsible for giving color to your skin. You will end up looking more pale and your skin will look more translucent.

4. You’ll notice more and more fine lines and wrinkles. 

This is probably the most talked-about sign of aging, but have you thought about where these will show up? Did you ever get bangs to hide pimples or a wide forehead? When you reach 30, you'll probably consider getting bangs to hide the fine lines. 

5. Cherry angiomas happen.

Cherry angio-what? You'll start noticing these small red spots springing up all over the place. Good news: It's probably not cancer. Bad news: These small dots can get bigger over time. 

Aging may be the most natural thing in the world, but that doesn't mean you have to let the signs show on your face. You can start using products that help fight skin damage caused by stress and aging, like Pond’s Age Miracle. Start with Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream and Pond's Age Miracle BB+ Cream with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex which contains advanced CLA4 and Retinol boosters that help hasten the cell renewal process. These boost collagen production while preventing dryness and wrinkles, giving your skin three times more cell renewal power. It's best to apply night cream before you go to sleep, because this is when your cells’ regeneration potential is at its peak. The next day, you just need to apply BB+ cream to be ready for any occasion.


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