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This New Deo Uses ~Hokkaido Rose~ Essence To Help Naturally Brighten Your Underarms

Its formula has 36 times more antioxidants than a grapefruit!
December 21, 2020
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You’ve probably done just about anything to get the bright, flawless underarms of your dreams. Some of you might have even tried natural deodorants that might have offered gentle care but didn't do much in terms of brightening. Now, if DIY treatments and super expensive products didn't work for you or even made your armpits' discoloration and bumpy texture worse, you may feel like giving up. Don’t store away your sleeveless tops just yet! We might have found your next kilikili ~holy grail~.

Enter, the NIVEA Whitening Hokkaido Rose Deo Essence 0% Alcohol Roll-On. Here are all the major reasons you should try this deo, stat!

1. It helps brighten the underarms' delicate skin with ~natural~ ingredients with regular use.

NIVEA’s special formula contains 36 times more antioxidants than a grapefruit. Antioxidants fight the free radicals that cause the skin to darken and deteriorate. This deodorant’s natural ingredients—Hokkaido rose, licorice, and Vitamin E from avocado oil—help brighten your underarms despite daily exposure to friction with regular use.

2. It won't dry out your skin.

If you’ve been turning to alcohol to keep your hands sanitized, you may have noticed your skin feeling a bit drier than usual. This is because alcohol in topical products does just that: Dry out your skin. Thankfully, the NIVEA Whitening Hokkaido Rose Deo Essence doesn't contain alcohol so it's safe and gentle on your skin.

3. It will help give you long-lasting freshness.

You still need to use your deo even if you're mostly staying at home. You’ll appreciate how this floral-scented deodorant will help give you 48-hour protection from odor and sweat. You won't need to worry about body odor!

Feel fresh and blooming with NIVEA Whitening Hokkaido Rose Deo Essence 0% Alcohol Roll-On. Shop it via Lazada and learn more when you follow NIVEA on Facebook. #ComeIntoFullBloom


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