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This P99 Cleanser Does The Same Thing Luxury Cleansers Do

Why pay more for the same effect?
October 16, 2018
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Just because something is deemed luxe, doesn’t mean it’s better. For skincare, price is not always a measure of quality, especially when the same hard-working ingredients can be found in other products. Case in point: the NIVEA MicellAIR Cleanser 0% Alcohol. Here’s why this P99 cleanser is a total game changer:

It’s alcohol-free.

Alcohol-based products may seem like they cleanse better, but in reality, alcohol is such a harsh ingredient. It may irritate your skin, making it rough and dry

It works like a magnet.

The cleanser has micelles that attract particles from your face to the cotton pad, making it easy to remove dirt and makeup. With millions of micelles in each product, the cleanser does its job so well that you no longer need to rub your skin to cleanse it.

It does more than just cleanse your skin.

It contains moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and other emollients to help your skin feel soft, smooth, and clean after a day of being exposed to pollution, dirt, and grime.

It’s specially concocted for Asians.

NIVEA developed two variants to address the growing needs Pinays have when it comes to their skin. NIVEA Extra White MicellAIR Cleanser 0% Alcohol, which is formulated with pearl and licorice extracts, helps skin look naturally brighter, while the Acne Clear MicellAIR Cleanser 0% Alcohol, which contains magnolia bark extracts, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to help prevent new pimples from forming.


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