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5 Ways To Make Sure You Look Flawless In Your Travel Selfies Without Using Filters

It's all about working your skin.
December 04, 2018
CREATED WITH Snow Skin Whitening
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It’s easy to look exhausted and worn-out when you travel. Jet lag or lack of sleep, stress, pollution, and the sun can all have disastrous effects on your skin, not to mention your travel selfie game.

But traveling and taking flawless photos of yourself don’t have to be mutually exclusive. These few beauty survival tips can help you be photo-ready, whether you’re backpacking through Southeast Asia, traveling for a friend’s wedding, or composing a touristy shot—and #nofilter at that.

1. Get into a healthy skincare regimen.

When you’re traveling and taking selfies, you want to make sure that your skin is on point. Stick to a skincare routine that will give you clear, glowing skin even when you’re on the go. For the bare basics, wash your face with a mild cleansing agent like Snow Crystal White Tomato Soap, which is made to help reduce visible signs of aging while brightening your skin. Follow it up with Snow Pore Minimizer Toner, an antibacterial toner that aims to balance the skin’s pH level, remove dead skin cells, prevent clogged pores, and smoothen the skin. Use both morning and night to enhance skin’s luminosity. A good mattifying moisturizer like Snow Skin Whitening Cream also helps counteract skin's oil production and hydrate skin at the same time.

2. Put on your best base.

The right makeup base can take skin—and selfies—from freak-out to flawless. Snow Skin Whitening Cream is an illuminating base that sets your skin up for perfect makeup application. Now that you have a smooth, glowing base, apply foundation that offers full coverage but has a light feel. Get rid of unnecessary shine on your cheeks and T-zone by setting your makeup look with finely milled powder.

3. Add dimension to your face.

A beautiful glow to your skin is the antithesis of looking tired, so strobe up. Apply highlighter down the bridge of your nose, on the tops of your cheekbones, and on your cupid's bow. You can also use brightener under your eyes to make you look more awake. Balance out the highlighter with a shimmery bronzer that will warm up your complexion and keep it from looking flat and lifeless. Swipe some bronzer under the cheekbones, along the jawline, and on the sides of your forehead to give your face more dimension.

4. Enhance your brows.

Getting your eyebrows right is an essential part of the perfect travel selfie—nicely done arches frame your eyes and shape your face. Fill in your brows with brow pencil or powder that’s in a shade similar to your hair color.

5. Mist out.

Facial mists are your instant pick-me-ups when you travel. These tone and nourish skin throughout the day and refresh makeup, assuring you look perf in your travel pics. Plus, if your skin feels hot and oily from walking under the sun the whole day, misting your face will cool skin and keep breakouts at bay.

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