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We Found Your Newest Guilty Pleasure: Bathing With Perfume!

Take luxury to the next level. #YOLO
October 05, 2015
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Scents mean different things to different people. For someone fabulously feminine, your fragrance can be your best accessory. It’s something you can confidently wear, and it can amplify your personal style. Your scent tells people a lot about who you are, and the right fragrance can tell them that you’re bold, elegant, or even captivatingly alluring.

However, the heat, pollution, and exhausting activities in the city have a wonderful ability to wear out the scents you wear at the start of your day. Don't you sometimes wish you could just bathe with perfume to pamper yourself and smell good again? But of course, you don't want an overpowering fragrance that's too strong or masangsang. OD-ing on fragrance won’t be relaxing at all, and it’s far different from smelling great.

Good thing there’s the LUX Perfumed Bath Collection—a perfumed body wash and bar soap collection carefully crafted by master perfumers from New York, London, and Paris. Treat yourself daily by indulging in fine fragrances that last up to 8 hours. Long commute? Big work presentation? Whole-day conference? Indulge and reward yourself after for a job well done during shower time!

Ditch your eau de parfum because this will do. With Black Orchid at its core, LUX Magical Spell weaves a fragrance  that celebrates femininity. It enchants the notes of Juniper Oil, Dark Woods, Golden Amber and Vanilla Bean. Formulated with fragrance pearls, it infuses skin with up to 8 hours of lasting perfume.

Opt for the distinct and timeless scent of French roses accompanied by complementary touches of aromatic and citrus notes that accentuate the perfume of the rose. Try LUX Soft Touch.

Feel like a million bucks with this spa in a bottle—it brings out your radiant glow through gentle exfoliants, precious minerals, and antioxidants. Try LUX White Impress.

Use this before a hot date and every time your guy touches your skin, the fragrance release technology will leave him a whiff of a scent that’s simply unforgettable. LUX Love Forever has Fragrance Touch Technology – Fragrance Release pearls that releases perfume for up to 12 hours, every time you touch your skin.


LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is now available in all leading department stores and grocery stores nationwide. Want to know more about the world-class fragrance and get a taste (or whiff?) of the indulgent #BatheWithLUX experience? Visit and

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