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Here's Why You Should Wear Primer Even When You're Going Makeup-Free

Get that soft focus glow sans foundation.
January 25, 2019
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We all have those days when we’d rather go makeup-free, but you’re probably wondering if you can still achieve a smooth and glowing look without foundation. Our answer: Yes, and you can do it with primer.

Using primer without makeup may sound unusual at first, but you’ll soon swear by it for these five reasons:

1. It keeps your skin hydrated.

Many gel- or water-based formulas contain moisturizing ingredients like botanical extracts and actives that help soften and plump up the skin. A single drop should smooth out dry patches and refresh the overall texture of your face.

2. It keeps oil production in check.

Primer could be the key to getting a shine-free look that lasts. A lot of primers aim to mattify your complexion, reduce the appearance of pores, and control sebum production. Some even have antibacterial and anti-acne properties to help keep your pores clean—super helpful if you regularly commute.

3. It helps protect your skin from the sun.

While we all know sunblock is essential to any skincare routine, you can give yourself an extra boost of sun protection with an SPF-infused primer. It can even shield you from other environmental stressors, further keeping you protected from cellular damage.

4. It evens out the skin tone.

Going makeup-free might be daunting if you want to hide your dark spots, but a good primer can help even out the most troubled of complexions by blurring the blemishes. If the product is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like vitamin B3, it can help fade the spots over time.

5. It instantly illuminates your face.

We all love a good highlighter, but for the days when you want a low-key glow, try a brightening primer. You’ll enjoy a natural-looking glow without the need for shimmers and glitters.

If you want to go makeup-free without worrying about your complexion, apply some primer like the Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector—it’s formulated with vitamin B3 to help brighten your complexion and give it a pinkish glow. Concerned about keeping oils at bay? Try the Pond’s White Beauty Detox Day Cream. It has a powder finish to keep your skin matte while fading the look of dark spots caused by pimples or frequent sun exposure. With these primers in your skincare arsenal, you might be tempted to go makeup-free every day of the week.

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