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Why You Should Still Use Baby Wash In Your Skincare Routine, According To A Dermatologist

Your skin can be as smooth as a baby’s.
August 24, 2018
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With trends like in-shower body lotions, coffee scrubs, and body-specific masks, it seems that having a solid skincare regimen is one of the biggest concerns of almost every woman right now. And ICYDK, sometimes the best thing for your skin is going back to the basics—like WAY back. Think baby wash. Since baby wash is specially made to be safe and gentle for infants, doesn’t that mean it would be safe and gentle for us too?

We spoke to Dr. Marivi Dizon, MD, FPDS, a Makati-based dermatologist, to find out why we should incorporate baby wash into our skincare routines.

1. It’s gentle on your skin.

“The skin of a one-year-old is still in the process of maturation,” says Dr. Dizon. “This means that a baby who is less than a year old has very sensitive skin, so using a gentle cleanser is essential.”

Gentle cleansers are composed of bigger molecules called micelles. These molecules don’t penetrate too deep into the skin, but they are still able to get rid of dirt caused by the elements like “heat, the changing weather, and pollutants such as dust,” according to Dr. Dizon.

2. It won’t leave a dent on your wallet.

The truth of the matter is that we always look for products that are not only effective, but also inexpensive. You’ll be able to find baby wash in any grocery, and it’s not pricey at P47.25 for a 100mL bottle.

3. It’s formulated to prevent breakouts and allergic reactions.

“Since baby wash has a pH level that is close to the skin’s pH level, it is not harsh on the skin,” explains Dr. Dizon. “And with the micelles not being able to penetrate the skin, the chances of an allergic reaction is very low.”

But Dr. Dizon recommends that those with specific skin concerns still seek a doctor to properly address their issues. “Baby wash provides standard cleansing and is good in general, but consulting a doctor is always better for someone who has something that needs to be looked into.”

4. It won’t make your skin dry.

Since baby wash that contains milk provides high levels of moisture, it helps give your skin adequate protection while keeping it feeling strong and smooth. “Soaps with high alkaline levels can lead to dryness,” says Dr. Dizon. “If the baby wash has oats, it’s more suitable for people with dry skin.”

5. It’s multipurpose.

You can use baby wash as a facial cleanser, as body wash, and even as shampoo. If you’re ever traveling with your baby, you can pack just the one bottle of baby wash for both of you .

If you want to incorporate baby wash into your skincare regimen, try Johnson’s Baby Milk Range in Milk+Rice or Milk+Oats, available in bath, lotion, powder, and soap. They contain vitamins C and E, and are pH-balanced to go well with your skin.

To learn more, check out Johnson’s Baby on Facebook and shop their products on Shopee.

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