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Women Share How They Got Rid Of Their Underarm Problems

Find out about the #SwitchToCare movement and how you can be a part of it.
December 12, 2019
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Let’s face it, CGs: Most of us are no stranger to kilikili problems. When the weather gets too hot or when doing something that’s physically taxing, we have no choice but to deal with sweaty underarms. So what’s a girl to do when faced with these challenges?

Filipinas have joined the #SwitchToCare challenge where they try the Dove Original Nourished and Smooth Deodorant. According to the Try and Review survey, most of these Filipinas have achieved smooth and beautiful underarms after using the deodorant for a week. Below are some Pinay influencers who have tried it:

1. Wanda Chen

Whether she’s wearing a bikini or a cute top, Wanda can work any outfit with flawless-looking underarms in sight, thanks in part to her designer friend Pia Andre, who recommended the deo she now uses.

2. Melissa Gohing

We all have that supportive BFF who helps us take stunning photos for the 'gram. Melissa recently challenged her friend, volleyball star Aby Marano, to use Dove deo and show off the results by playing with different underarm poses.

3. Mara Real

Mara recently upgraded her deo, as recommended by best friend and fellow lifestyle influencer Charlene Deocareza. One look at their BFF selfies and it's obvious that they have no problem flaunting their underarms.

Dove Original Nourished and Smooth Deodorant has moisturizing cream that helps you achieve smooth and nourished underarms. Use it when you take the 7-day #SwitchToCare challenge to experience the Dove difference. Results may vary with regular use. For more details, follow Dove on Facebook. Shop Dove on Lazada and Shopee


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