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You *Need* To Hear The Success Story Of Local Skincare Brand Skin Magical

The owners went through a lot of ups and downs before finding their footing in the local market.
September 10, 2021
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Many businesses experience a long period of ups and downs before fully enjoying success. But, just like its name, there is *magic* in the beauty brand Skin Magical. In just six years, it has managed to grow from a small-time online store to one of the biggest distributors of skincare products in the Philippines. To date, Skin Magical has 77 franchises, 1200 distributors, 10,000 active resellers locally and abroad, and more than 10,000,000 products sold.

The company has also managed to enlist celebrity endorsers, which include Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Dimples Romana, and Joseph Marco. Also joining the Skin Magical family are its newest endorsers, Sanya Lopez, Jak Roberto and Prima Donnas Sofia Pablo, Althea Ablan, Jillian Ward, and Kyline Alcantara.

But, of course, married couple and Skin Magical owners Jerry and Rogelyn “Ghie” Pangilinan had their own fair share of setbacks and challenges before getting their footing in the market.

In 2003, just a year after their first child was born, Jerry had to work as a seaman abroad while Ghie tried her hand at various enterprising businesses. At one point, she also went abroad with the hope of helping her husband support the family. She worked in Dubai for just a few months. Her extreme longing for her children and family made her return to the Philippines.

Things started slowly looking up when, in 2013, Ghie turned to online selling. Through this platform, she sold gadgets, baby products, and even t-shirts, which she managed to sell in million quantities during the election period. Yet even while she was earning big, it wasn’t enough to supplement their expenses.

She found her niche in selling beauty products online. Back then, it was a fairly unexplored market, since customers opted to buy their skincare products in-store. So, with only P7,000 on hand, she created her own skincare line named Speaks G.

This particular line earned enough to allow Jerry to come back to the Philippines and help with the business. A year later, both Jerry and Ghie simultaneously worked on Speaks G while distributing another skincare brand.

Just when they were experiencing some semblance of success, the business took a sudden dip, causing them to lose all their savings. Once again, they were back to square one.

But true to the couple’s resilience and persistent nature, they tried again; only this time, they were wiser and had more people ready to support them. Through their manufacturer friend, Jerry and Ghie were able to rebrand their business and were provided with the rebranded products on a consignment basis.

“It’s easy to give up, especially after experiencing so many unsuccessful business attempts. But we believe that our grit, determination, and boundless faith were able to see us through these difficult moments. Now, we feel like we are reaping the fruits of our hard work and sacrifice,” shared Ghie.

In 2015, Skin Magical was born. From then on, there was no way but up for both the couple and the business.

From selling just soaps, Skin Magical has evolved to offer a full line of skincare. And just recently, they have launched new personal care products, like sanitary napkins, hair care products, detergent soap, and their own intimate apparel line Kassi and KYDN. Their bestselling products include Rejuvenating Set 3, Orange Cucumber Set, Kojic Dipalmitate Soap, and Fast Whitening Soap.

“The past six years have been a series of highs, lows, and learning curves, and we’re grateful for every experience and the people who helped us in turning Skin Magical into the successful company that it is today,” said Jerry.

Every success story starts with a dream. For Jerry and Ghie, it was simple: earn just enough so their family can live comfortably. And from a small online business based in Morong, Rizal, Skin Magical is now a big distributor of beauty products in the Philippines with a vision to provide Filipinos with beauty solutions that are simple and affordable.

For more details, visit Skin Magical’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram page. You can also email Skin Magical at


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