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These Frontliners Get A Self-Care Treat They All Deserve

They welcomed the new year with an Ultherapy session.
January 28, 2021
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The pandemic has been challenging, especially for our frontliners who keep giving their best every day to provide for our needs. That’s why it’s important to recognize them for their hard work and dedication. As part of their #WeThankU efforts, Merz Aesthetics® wanted to give back by offering complementary full-face Ultherapy® treatment for these frontliners:  

Kathlyn Gutierrez, Flight Attendant and Registered Nurse

Kathlyn Gutierrez is a registered nurse, but a flight attendant by profession. Despite her busy schedule, she's also been active in helping her community, having recently organized two fundraising events on top of her frontliner duties. At first, she was concerned about how painful the procedure might be, but after being treated by Dr. Stephen Lacson, she was all smiles. "Pag nakita mo yung full effect nung Ulthera®, tapos nagustuhan mo, siguro in the next coming days mag-iipon ka na para mag-next treatment diba.” 

Naiza Francia, O.R. Nurse 

Early in the lockdown, Naiza Francia would stay at their hospital staff house so she could prevent the risk of infecting her family at home. She was nominated by her sister who says, "Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear scrubs." At her treatment with Dr. Suzanne Datuin, Naiza admitted it had been hard lately to find time to just take care of herself. Afterward, she had nothing but good words to say about the procedure: “The [Ultherapy®] experience was amazing because it wasn’t so invasive and the doctor was accommodating [to explain] the treatment.” 

Mea Wong, Medical Technologist 

Mea Wong literally works at the front lines as a med tech involved in the collection of COVID-19 test samples. Excited for her Ultherapy® treatment, she revealed she’d be wanting to try it since 2019. With Dr. Arnelle Quiambao's help, she goes into 2021 feeling like her best self to date. “Ultherapy® has given me the opportunity to help tighten and contour my face. So, that's one way of giving confidence to myself,” she shares.  

Shanon De Vera, Flight Attendant 

Nominated by her mom-in-law, Shanon Go-De Vera has been active in volunteer flight attendant duty by safely bringing home OFWs in this difficult time. Her Ultherapy® session with Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas exceeded her expectations. She says, "I feel renewed and feel like a better version of myself." She also would definitely recommend Ultherapy® to her friends, and especially her mom-in-law. 

Just like these frontliners, you can also book a pamper session and try the Ultherapy® Hyper-Personal Lift. It is a personalized skin-lifting and tightening treatment plan that has three essential stages: See, Plan, and Treat. Your consultation with the doctor becomes a key part of the planning process based on your skin’s needs and goals, paired with micro-focused ultrasound with visualization to help ensure energy is delivered for impressive results.

Bounce back in 2021 and bring out #TheBestU With Ultherapy®! For more information, visit the website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Merz Aesthetics®, Ulthera®, and Ultherapy® are registered trademarks of Merz group of companies. Imported by: Merz Philippines Healthcare Inc. Ore Central Bldg., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For list of accredited clinics, click here


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