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These Quick Beauty Tips Can Help Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Flash a fresh-looking smile.
September 19, 2019
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First impressions last. Whether it’s at a job interview, an important meeting with a client, or during a date, it sets the tone of your relationship with others.

This is why you always try to put on a pleasant face and smile like you mean it—until you start to feel conscious about showing your teeth. If you’re thinking of instant ways to help make your teeth look whiter, read up on these tricks:

1. Choose a light bronzer.

A light dusting of bronzer can help enhance your smile by adding definition and contrast to your face. Apply it under your cheekbones and along your jawline.

2. Pick cool-toned eyeshadow colors.

Aside from applying a little bronzer, your eye makeup can create the illusion of whiter teeth. Choose cool colors that cancel out yellow tones like blue, purple, and silver.

3. Go for blue-based red lipstick.

We’re doing a bit of color theory here! In the color wheel, blue lies opposite orange and yellow. These colors can cancel each other out. The rule applies when shopping for red lipstick. If you want a lippie that can make your teeth appear less yellowish, look for blue-based lipstick. It usually has a deep red color that doesn’t look orangey when applied. If you’re not a fan of bold red lips, try light or pinkish nude colors.

4. Consider a whitening toothpaste.

Maybe it’s time to update your oral hygiene kit. Clean teeth doesn't always equate to white teeth. A whitening toothpaste like Closeup White Attraction Naturals can help you achieve both results as it removes yellow stains as well as plaque and other bacteria. This new toothpaste is infused with Lemon Essence + Sea Salt and Bamboo Charcoal + Coconut Extract which are known as natural ingredients for gently whitening and cleaning teeth. Now you can have the confidence to flash those pearly whites more often.

Shop Closeup White Attraction Naturals at supermarkets, drugstores, and online. For more details, follow Closeup on Facebook.

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