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#ThrowbackThursday: You Can Watch Your Favorite TV Shows All Over Again

Time to bring back The Rachel!
July 07, 2015
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Remember those long commutes where you were forced to stare at the baduy movie playing on the lousy in-bus TV set? What about waiting in line to pay your bills and how it was such a chore? Nowadays tuning out and zoning in on some quality entertainment is as easy as accessing your phone. You can literally have entertainment everywhere! And the best thing about this entertainment revolution: you get to choose what to watch, even if it’s an old favorite. Below are some of the television shows we wouldn’t mind re-watching on our phones to pass the time away.

Desperate Housewives

By dealing with murder, mystery, and salacious suburban gossip, the original cougars of TV were able to show that sexy can come at any age. A healthy mix of comedy and melodrama, it’s the antidote to your oddly scheduled midday errands.


Sitting in the doc’s office watching the clock tick until your appointment? You can get your daily dose of LOL-inducing medical shenanigans with Zach Braff and the rest of the hilarious cast of Scrubs. Trust, you won’t need a second opinion.

Arrested Development

Family ties explode into a gag-reel of stomach-curdling humor with the Bluth family. Anyone with a weird uncle, overbearing mom, and other relatives with the capacity to annoy will relate to the dysfunctional madness this award-winning series provides.


See everyone’s style evolution as they go from the ’90s into the early aughts and revel in the fact that those mid-drift turtlenecks J-Aniston sported are so back in fashion. Whether it’s Ross insisting that he and Rachel were “ON A BREAK!” or Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat” or Monica and Chandler falling head over heels in love with each other, reacquainting yourself with your favorite TV barkada is like sitting down for a hot cup of coffee in Central Perk.

Will & Grace

Before having a fag hag was even considered cool, sophisticated yet awkward interior designer Grace Adler was already playing BFF to gay lawyer Will. But much of the shows ROTFL moments really came from sassily mean socialite Karen Walker and the flamboyant Jack McFarland, two peas in a pod when it came to making fun of the show’s titular characters.

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