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10 Times Up Dharma Down Left You With All Sorts Of Feels

This OPM band’s music is the soundtrack of your life.
December 22, 2016
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No one does a better job of reminding us that we have emotions than Up Dharma Down. In fact, we bet most of your playlists have one or two songs by the band. From the gut-wrenching “Oo” to the nakakakilig “Tadhana,” here are ten of their most memorable songs:

1. "Oo" 

When “Oo” reminded you of the feelings you had for your high school best guy friend who was in love with another girl. Yung pinapakita mong masaya ka for him, but deep inside you were wishing na sana ikaw na lang. Ouch!

2. "Just A Smile"

“Just A Smile” takes you back to the day when you met your crush. It was the first day of college, and you were walking along a crowded hallway. Your eyes met, and HE. SMILED. AT. YOU.

3. "Luna"

When “Luna” reminded you of your high school seatmate—but was it love or just infatuation?  

4. "Indak"

When “Indak” reminded you of the time you had to choose between two guys. Both were special, but you didn’t know which of them you’ll give your heart to. 

5. "New World"

“New World” inspired you to let go of your worries and fears, and go to where you want to be.

6. "Tadhana"

“Tadhana” makes you wonder about your college crush. You chose not to tell him how you felt because you were scared of rejection at hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin niya alamPaano kung gusto ka rin pala niya?

7. "Turn It Well"

“Turn It Well” made you realize that it’s okay to have fun once in a while. No matter how busy and passionate you are, you should make time for relaxation.

8. "All The Good Things"

“All The Good Things” leaves you hopeful about the future. Tiwala lang, girl!  

9. "Taya" 

When “Taya” reminded you of the day you found out that your college ka-M.U. is now in a relationship with one of your closest blockmates. What?! Bakit siya at hindi ikaw?  

10. "Every First Second"

“Every First Second” sends you back to the very first conversation you had with your crush. You talked about music, Star Wars, video games, and books. Kilig! 

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